St. Jayhawks?

  • We all need to step away from our expectations, anger and negativity with our team and realize our guys may finish as a “mediocre team” or could suddenly explode into another National Championship team. Yes, it still can happen!

    A very motivating example (currently) is the St. John’s basketball team. They went from an 0-11 Big East conference record and 11-13 overall record to beating #4-ranked Duke on Saturday, followed 4-days later with a victory over #1-ranked Villanova on Wednesday.

    Can’t we pick up some inspiration from this story?

    Someone forgot to tell St. John’s they weren’t allowed to do this!

  • I’m inspired…but still doubtful!

  • I wonder if starting Lightfoot changed our offense enough to really hurt Svi’s production. How so? I wonder if the ball didn’t “stick” to the point that Svi didn’t get the same looks as the 4 out. I could certainly be wrong, but I am very curious to see how many looks Svi gets today. Maybe it was simply a one game anomaly, maybe not.


    Interesting concept.

    I still believe our guys are just not inspired enough. That kills every part of our game, and our team isn’t passing the eye test in any part of our game now.

    As long as we are playing like this, I don’t see us beating many teams in the league. They are all “chomping at the bit” to play us now just to finally score wins against us!

    It wasn’t too long ago when we had one of the best offenses in college basketball. What happened to that? Even back then, our offense wasn’t lead by our defense… so we can’t use the excuse that it is because our defense has failed. We also can’t use the excuse that it is because we were playing bad teams back then because most elite teams play a soft early schedule but we were still whipping them on the offensive stat line.

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