February 26: Our Daily Threads

  • Also see today’s News Digest, February 26, and News Digest for Yesterday, February 25, as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday, February 25 ##Our Daily Threads for February 26:##

    ##What’s Your Biggest NCAA Worry/Concern/Fear? - @nuleafjhawk##

    Mine is two-fold.

    1. We get a number one seed and, as inconsistent as we’ve been throughout the season, we become the first number one to lose to a sixteen seed. Yikes…
    1. Wichita State wins the whole damn thing. Puke.

    ###Feb 25: Joe Lunardi has lost it - @JRyman###


    In his lastest bracketoly he has all three Kansasschools in the same Midwest bracket.

    WSU as the one. KU as the two and KSU as the 8.

    ###Feb 25: TRob -@brooksmd###

    Congrats to a hustling TRob for being ESPN’s #1 Play of the Weekend. WHOOP! WHOOP! and RCJH!!!

    ###Feb 25: Platoon Tarik and Perry? -@jaybate###

    The highest compliment I can pay Tarik is I wish he had been here as a freshman, so I could have watched him more. He is hard to categorize, but I feel like he has a lot more game in him. I also think he contributes massively to the team. With how far he has come this season, and having played against a great player like Embiid daily, I still think he has more impacts in the stretch. If Self were to start emphasizing Wiggins and Embiid sets, as Slayr has suggested, Black would become the perfect complement at 4 during those minutes. Black rebounding and sticking back off the interplay of Embiid and Wiggins for 10-20 mpg, plus backing Joel up 5 mpg each half would get KU’s resident Great Bear optimizing the team.

    ###Feb 24: “Some Stickies on Lon Kruger’s Monitor Before OU Plays KU in Lawrence” - @jaybate###

    ~Hmmm, we couldn’t beat them in Norman, so why even prepare a game plan for Lawrence?

    ~Self Beat Texas by a bunch and his team only shot 30% from trey. Check job openings outside B12.

    ###Feb 24: “Some Things to Do with Oklahoma Fans Before the Beat Down of OU in Lawrence” - @jaybate###

    ~Show them the 1988 National Championship Trophy.

    ~Ask them how in the heck their Wikipedia page doesn’t mention former head coaches Bruce Drake, who invented the shuffle offense, and Doyle Parrack, one of the greatest legends of Oklahoma hard scrabble basketball?

    ###Feb 24: FLOOR BURN AWARD: KU vs UT - Feb 22 - @drgnslayr###

    Picking the FLOOR BURN AWARD for this game seemed easy at first. This was to be an easy trifecta… until “Black Death” entered the picture with his ferocity and prowess. So I made it to the window in time, and changed my selection to a superfecta:

    Joel Embiid was not going to be denied. His pride dominated every part of this game; offensive firepower with 13 points off of 4-for-6, rebounding zeal with 7 rebounds, assist generosity with 3 assists and oppressive fascism on defense through dictating control with 6 blocks and countless shot diversions.

    ###Feb 24: Vote Early and Often on Manute Bol’s Thighs - @jaybate###

    True or False: Manute Bol has the longest thighs in human history.

    ###Feb 24: A One and a Two and a Three and a Four - @drgnslayr###

    I’m an old guy. I remember so many great dance duos… Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, a ballroom pair that brought romance alive through their graceful steps and subtle gestures. Mikhail Baryshnikov and Lisa Rinehart, partners on the stage of ballet and in real life, masters of the pirouette.

    And now the new pair of high steppers, Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid!

    ###Feb 24: Hook That, Horns! - @jaybate###

    Marvelously sweet beat down and payback.

    KU punked Butcher’s Boyz without decent trey shooting. Inference for horn fans for B12 tourney? Wait till we bring our A game, you petro-cretins!

    ##Better Dunk? - @JRyman##

    In the past three years there have been more than 3 memorable dunks, but I have three that stand out.

    Robinsons base line throw down vs Baylor.

    ###Feb 23: Smart vs Intelligence - @drgnslayr###

    Marcus Smart has finally met his match:



    ###Feb 23:Welcome to the turning point. - @bskeet ###

    Today marks the turning point for this team. But not its destiny.

    One path leads to an almost certain 10th B12 championship in 10 years and an opportunity to spring into the post-season with a decade of momentum and confidence on our backs.

    ###Feb 21: Pre UT andK U Keys to the Game -@truehawk93###

    I think this game is huge. I hope the guys realize how important this game is at this time of the season. I am convinced the winner of this game will be the B12 Champion and at the very worst, a share of the championship. I don’t like to share with anyone, especially UT. So lets take care of business and drive for that 10 straight title and keep it at home where it belongs

    ###Feb 21: Joe Dooley: 17-10 - @jaybate###

    Joe Dooo has not gotten any upsets of D1 bigs this season, but he is off to a solid first season and he ain’t shoveling any snow either. 😄

    Go, Joe, go!!!

    ###Feb 21: Mizzery Analysis by H.E.M. - @VailHawk###

    @HighEliteMajor hope you don’t mind me re-posting a classic from last March?!?! I was looking for something deep w/in google drive tonite and ran across this post that I saved as a pdf for future viewing. Enjoy

    ###Feb 20:Tharpe’s Lesson: Own the Pace, Own the Game - @drgnslayr###

    In the middle of the first half of this game it appeared Kansas was going to give TTech their typical beat down. The Jayhawks were up by 10 and making it look way, way, way too easy!

    Then something changed. Then the war over who owned the pace shifted over to TTech’s advantage! They didn’t really change their game as much as just kept trying to slow the pace of the game down… to a snail’s pace. This entire game they probably didn’t shoot the ball with more than 10 second on the shot clock more than a handful of times. We knew they would attempt this before we arrived in Lubbock. It has been their strategy all year, and it has helped them lead the B12 in holding down opponents to 68.5 ppg. Their strategy definitely worked against the high-powered Kansas offense, holding us to 64 points.

    ###Feb 20:6? 6 Gawddang assist is all we got? - @JRyman###

    OK I cleaned up the Harry Doyle quote and changed the number, but really?

    64 points and only 6 assist? 6 assist for the whole team!!!

    ##PASTA-GATE @ OU - @JayhawkRock78##

    Three Sooners Penalized For Too Much Pasta

    This is absurd. How much time and money did the NCAA and OU waste on this, let alone distract and hassle some young student athletes.

    ###Feb 19:Mr. Ellis, meet Mr. Smith - @REHawk###

    Ol’ Tubby drew up a masterful game plan. How fortunate are we that he is not coaching Baylor or Okie State!

    ###Feb 19:Embiid, Wiggins and 3 Place Holders Beat TTech - @jaybate###

    There was a reason Self brought Embiid back against Texas Tech. It wasn’t to use Texas Tech as a warm up game for Texas, as I at first thought. As JNew pointed out on the blog, Tech was ranked 69th by KENPOM. To put that in perspective, Colorado is ranked 60th. No, Self brought Embiid back, because he realized this KU team had zip chance of beating TTech without the Mighty Joel.

    And don’t let Wiggins getting the last bucket fool you. Andrew had to have Joel to win the game. Joel was 6-7 FG and 6-8 FT and had 8 reebs. Compare that with Wigs’ 5-10 FG and 6-8 FT 6 reebs.

    ###Feb 19:Oklahoma State’s loss is KU’s…loss - @MoonwalkMafia###

    With every loss that Oklahoma State accumulates, Travis Ford’s seat is getting hotter and hotter. With the amount of talent that he has on that team, it is inexcusable to have had such an atrocious season. This is compounding the fact that OSU hasn’t made it past the first weekend of the tournament since 2005. Marcus Smart, Lebryan Nash, and Markel Brown all decided to come back for another season when each of them could have easily jumped to the NBA all to compete for a championship. But as of right now, they may not even get the chance to be in the field.

    Marcus Smart has imploded on himself, showing immaturity on several occasions this season, and showing more importantly that nobody has sought to develop his character, as well as his game.

    ###Feb 19:Kansas targets 7’6" PG recruit OK Oakville! - @drgnslayr###

    Kansas Buckets is now recruiting an All-American 7’6" point guard from Oakville, MO (a suburb of St. Louis) by the name of OK Oakville.

    The recruitment process has begun with a simple list asking the question “why?”


    ###Feb 18: Embiid: TXTech and Beyond -@truehawk93###

    I’m sure Embiid is fine and thankful there is no structural damage. We’ll need him a whole lot more down the back stretch of the season. Let’s not jeopardize a crucial piece of our chances to win the conference and a deep run in the tourney. Embiid is a huge key to that run. Also see today’s News Digest, February 26, and News Digest for Yesterday, February 25, as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday, February 25

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