Things Done by KSU to Get Ready for Big Game

  • Sweep out the stalls.

    Listen to the morning livestock report.

    Windex the cow with the glass side.

    Check the rain gauge.

    Give the hogs their growth injections.

    Prepare to be beaten.

    (Note: all non fiction. No affection!)

    Beat Willie!

  • Don’t forget to say “I love ewe” before you head to work!

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    @jaybate-1-0 - You might want to check with Willie & EcoKat - they may not approve of the Windex.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Where is CBW Cat?

    Oh, that’s right, he died in an Xperimental lab accident!!!

    How ya gonna gettem to the City, when they been down on Maggie’s farm so long?

    Annihilate the Agronomists!!

  • More PRE-GAME CHORES for The Agronomistas…

    Feed the experimental chickens engineered to look like Jayhawks, so they can have ritual animal sacrifices for the NWO.

    Check mail for latest CBW Research stipend.

    Turn off FitBits before jogging the pretend secret base beneath Manhattan, where KSU stores experimental droppings, so it doesn’t show up on Strata maps.

    Clean and press HazMat suits to wear over their overalls.

    Go look at the newest models of foreign made tractors.

    Email their congressional lackeys for more farm supports.

    Invest in tamiflu futures.

    Send some fake documents about a lethal Wildcatcat virus escaping the underground labs and jumping species boundaries.

    Sell Tamiflu futures before tipoff.

    Get beaten badly by KU!

    (Note: all fiction on this list. No malice.)

  • And the end of the world begins shortly after the biosecurity lab opens in Manhattan…only appropriate I suppose. The Spanish influenza started in HS co KS. The state may as well start another good pandemic.