Which one of you did this?

  • http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/22205678/kansas-jayhawks-fan-shows-dorm-offers-free-throw-advice-team

    According to the Lawrence Journal-World, University of Kansas police were called Wednesday to the dorm that houses the men’s basketball team after a man kept showing up to offer “free throw advice” to the Jayhawks.

  • Well @HighEliteMajor, @nuleafjhawk, @HawkChamp, @kjayhawks, and myself have declared our innocence! Was it you @Statmachine? Are you trying to throw us off your trail?!?

  • @dylans lol you got me!

  • I live in Texas. If I lived closer I would have thought about it…

  • LOL

  • LoL not me, my % is better than Dokes, just not that much better!

  • I think some reporter got that story wrong. The Lawrence police were probably encouraged by the city council to escort that guy onto the KU athletic premises in order that he might help salvage the remainder of the Jayhawk season. Lon Kruger just submitted a comical but effective blueprint for league coaches. I noted that Bill Self offered only a speedy perfunctory handshake to Lon in the post game congeniality line. Looked almost like Scott Drew wriggling a quick retreat to the silent shelter of a visitors’ locker room.

  • I wasn’t me–I’m a grandmother! (Although I can shoot free throws as well as Doke, when the rim is lowered for kids!)

  • The guys on 610 said based on current results perhaps they should have listened to the guy. Maybe he had something!

  • It was @cragarhawk haha

  • @kjayhawks you’ll know if he starts hitting fts

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