Call him mister de Sousa.

  • Banned

    This kid is going to be crazy good. He has no fear, and he has no fear. He just needs a little time in the Self oven. No to all you saying wait tell next year. No this kid is going to rock it before this year is up.

    Trust me? Have I ever been wrong before? Ok maybe I have. Yet I said Mitch is a man. wrong? I said I we need Newman? Wrong?

    No seriously Sousa is going to be the man before the season is over. Coach is going to make Sousa a giant.

  • I liked what I saw at WVU in limited time.

  • I forgot about Billy once I saw DeSousa play. He addresses team need right now. Good luck to Billy.

  • Very excited to see how we use silvio as the weeks go by. Imagine him getting to a point where playing 2 bigs on the floor a few minutes a half or silvio being able to spell Doke without much drop off. I’m optimistic our biggest weakness begins to fade

  • I’m sticking with next year. I like him a lot though.

  • He’s got a lot of learning in a short amount of time. Can he develop in 2-3 games? I hope so. I can just about say for certainty, this will be a kind of early development time for next season. I hope he can provide all that he can, and then step into next season as a STUD.

  • @wissox Something tells me his next game against WVU is going to be special.

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