This team needs to get back on the road where it is 3-0!!!

  • Look out Huggs .

    KU has learned to jungle fight.

    For every forearm smash a trip.

    For every shove an eye jab.

    For every act of intimidation a flip on a drive.

    The 1st Division that has been living off garbage and dank water, and learned to bite and scratch and learned to take unfair advantage is coming into Morgantown with their faces covered with mud and ready to trip your guys down into an unfair fight.

    No more Kansas choir boys, Huggs!

    You may press, punch and shove, but we will jungle ball you till you wish you hadn’t.

    We are coming to Morgantown to drag you onto The Canal with us.

  • Banned



  • Banned

    To be honest I would kind of like to see that KU TE not only block a couple of shots but pick up and throw some mountaineer players into the stands.

    How many technails can one player get before being ejected?