February 22: Post-game Roundup - KU vs Texas

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    ##Newell: KU basketball overwhelms Texas in 85-54 home rout##

    LAWRENCE — Andrew Wiggins scored a team-high 21 points, leading the No. 8 Kansas men’s basketball team to an 85-54 dismantling of No. 19 Texas on Saturday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

    The first half was domination in every sense.

    ##Dodd: No 8. Kansas slams Texas##

    LAWRENCE — He turns 19 on Sunday, and for most college students that would mean a couple of Saturday night staples. A perfect little night of revelry, maybe some pizza, and a reminder that you still have three more years on campus.

    Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins isn’t like most college students. Never has been, not since a couple of KU fans met him at Kansas City International airport when he arrived from Canada last summer. It’s tough for Wiggins to be himself in Lawrence sometimes. Too much Rock Stalk Jayhawk.

    ###Tait: FINAL: Kansas 85, Texas 54###

    After being dominated in Austin earlier this month, the Kansas University basketball team more than redeemed itself on Saturday night at Allen Fieldhouse, dismantling No. 19 Texas, 85-54, in front of a frenzied home crowd that began filling the building nearly two hours before tip-off in anticipation of the rematch.

    The game had all the makings of a great one — until it started — as the Longhorns needed a win to put pressure on Kansas at the top of the Big 12 Conference race and came in knowing they had their way with the Jayhawks in Austin.

    #### Kansas runs past Texas on a night filled with highlights####

    The showdown between the top two teams in the Big 12 Conference turned into showtime for Kansas University’s basketball team on Saturday night in Allen Fieldhouse.

    Led by freshmen Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid, who had 15 and nine points and an assortment of vicious slam dunks the first half, and senior Tarik Black, who drew comparisons to Blake Griffin for his one-handed sky-walking slam in the second half, the first-place Jayhawks (21-6, 12-2) pounded the second-place Longhorns (20-7, 9-5), 85-54.

    Post-Game press conference #####Bill Self discusses the Jayhawks’ drubbing of UT#####

    #####Wiggins, Embiid and Mason talk about playing with pride in rematch with UT#####

    ####Box Score####

  • The most complete game from Wiggins. Great to see!

    Love the enthusiasm from Selden too!

  • Gosh it was so fun to see KU hitting on all 8 cylinders after getting beat up at Texas. I loved watching this game.
    A sideline highlight of the bench after “a DR J Esk dunk” was also a treat. Great Tharpe imitation of the Rio robot in forward and reverse was another treat. RCJH.

  • I have a question for everyone. So KU clearly dominated this game in nearly every aspect of it. On Defense especially, we won the turnover battle, beat them on the boards, had more steals, held them 54 points and to .88PPP even! Why for gosh darn darn did KU’s defensive efficiency per KemPom go up!? They way they have been defending the last 3 games, it should be trending down! What the heck?

  • That was more like it!

  • Here’s a quote from the coach which is spot on to me. “Sometimes I think we read too much into it when you play really well,” Self said. “ ‘They’re on a roll now.’ I think a roll means you’re going to do it over a period of time, and I think it still remains to be seen if we’re on a roll yet. I do think we’re playing better.” KU beat that @$$ tonight, and they should have. It was revenge. It was showing the second best team in the Big 12 how good the #1 team is. Thing is, KU needs to keep the foot on the gas from here on out. Their defense tonight was really really good. Off the ball, screen defense and M2M they shut Tx down bigtime. I was impressed. But they have to keep that level of intensity right there and transfer it into the March tournaments. If they do, watch out. Final Four and beyond!
    An off the cuff Elite 8 guess again, just for fun. KU, AZ, Duke, Florida, Wis, StLoie, IowaSt, Virginia

    Quite a bit different from my last guess. But IMO all these teams are starting to sizzle on the burner right now. If Im right with these picks, I like KU’s chances to win it all. Id love to see Florida in the tourney. Rematch beatdown ala Texas

  • @Lulufulu85 Who are you, Doug Gottlieb? Be careful…word of your elite 8 list and omitting Wichita State is sure to make it to their fans’ eyes & ears soon! LOL

  • @Lulufulu85 Iowa State? No Wichita or Syracuse?

  • So who is “overrated” now UT? Sure does make it easier for me to go to work tomorrow after this beatdown. ;-). Loved the fact that we did not slow down in the first half and kept the pedal to the floor.

  • I laughed at the announcers last night and decided they were longhorn network guys. When the score was 3-8 they were talking about how well Texas was playing and KU was flat.
    Then after a 25-3 KU run it was that that 3 pointer was going to spark UT going into halftime. Then the one time KU didn’t score they were talking about how the UT D was stepping up and playing tough. They kept talking about how great a coach Barnes was and he should be in the running of National coach of the year. Barely if ever giving KU and Self credit for coming back and destroying a team that beat them earlier without a healthy JoJo. That they never mentioned either that Embid was not playing healthy in the first meeting.

    Oh well its not the commentators that make the game its how bad you beat Texas when you play them.

  • My first game back in the Fieldhouse after 32 years = AWESOME!
    A 31 point beat down of the second place team in the conference = IMPOSING

    A 3 game conference lead looking for our 10th straight championship = EPIC

  • @JRyman

    I had to laugh at the announcers a couple of times. Barnes is a good coach with a good record but I am not sure he should be in the conversation for Coach of the Year. Considering the strong challenge KU was going to get from ISU and OSU, and how it is running away with the title, Coach Self would be the better candidate. Unfortunately, and as I have posted before, Coach Self is victim of his own success. People expect him to have great team year in and year out, and even he produces a great season, he does not get credit for that, instead the award goes to coaches like Weber that has success with players he did not recruit.

  • @eastcoasthawk Like the MasterCard ads.


  • @eastcoasthawk I don’t know how or when it will happen for me, but I do need to do what you did and get back there. My drought is only since 1988, uh, 26 years, but it’s been a long time and I want to come here and write what you wrote. I did get to see them in the dome against Kentucky several years ago which was awesome.

  • My favorite part of the game was the support from the starters when they were on the bench. The way they look on in awe and appreciation of Tarik Black after his dunk says a lot about our team. Andrew Wiggins is a class act. I am glad he chose Kansas. It appears it was a well thought out, informed decision. A big thanks to our top 50 recruits that don’t divide the team by complaining about playing time. It is refreshing to read about them trying hard to earn more minutes. Games like yesterday are reasons I enjoyed the ride, watching this team come together.

  • @KansasComet Tarik Black just keeps rising on my favorite player list.

  • @lincase

    Just wondering, why would he be on your favorite player list? I mean, I’m fine with it, but why?

  • @eastcoasthawk Please attend more often !

  • @lincase I completely understand why.

  • @lincase I really like him too. Would have been pretty hard transferring out of a place you love. He’s a great leader and loves his team mates. He’s a very smart, polite man, until that NASTY dunk!!!

  • @wissoxfan83 Great attitude, very articulate and funny, seems to have been a great mentor to Embid. Lots of intangibles, and I love the fact that he wants to give something back to his community. Oh, and he has a degree. The species of the student-athlete may be endangered, but it still survives.

  • @REHawk I still think Wichita St will get bounced b4 making elite 8. Syracuse has shown its vulnerabilities and if they don’t shore them up, they’ll get bounced too. 'Cuse is on my bubble so to speak

  • @Lulufulu85 Well, I certainly hope you are right re Iowa State. Hoiberg has done an admirable job in Ames. Heck, I would like to see 3 Big 12 teams advance to the Elite 8, completely outshine any other league. (I view Iowa State as a serious threat to our Hawks in the BIg 12 Tournament…along with desperate Okie State.)

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