What Are the Chances of....

  • Preston playing this season? 1 in 10,000,000

    De Sousa helps us before February 28th? 1 in 100

    Devonte averages 15 FGAs the rest of the season? 1 in 1

    Vick scores 30 in a game? 1 in 2

    Newman dishes assist to Svi? 1 in 500

    Svi starts driving it for short treys? 1-4

    Azuibuke makes a trey? 1 in infinity

    Azuibuke goes off for 30? 1 in 10

    Azuibuke clears 20 caroms. 1 in 50

    Garrett makes a trey? 1 in 500

    Lightfoot backs a blue meanie down and dunks on his grill? 1 in 10,000

    Cunliffe holds Trae Young to single digit scoring? 1 in 20,000

    Clay Young dunks twice in a game? 1 in a Graham Number

    Teahan makes a game winner? 0

    Self says: Preston plays tonight? Hell forms an ice cap and Satan palms a snow ball without it melting

  • Well @jaybate-1-0 , that was depressing…but likely accurate.

  • @jaybate-1-0 Maybe easiest year ever to score 30 due to embargoitis, or if you prefer the Latin, benchus shortus. 3 diff players will hit 30 in conf…Svi, DG, and Vick. Dok could get a 20/20 game which would be fun.

  • @chriz

    Long odds are depressing, until doubt is shed, mission imminence focuses purpose, the inept are ignored, can do leaders are listened too, tasks, no matter how daunting are assigned, and heroic young men are ordered to find the enemy first, surprise him again and again, and a path to total victory is found.

    These are the gallant hours.

    Self’s Halsey moment is at hand.

    Coach K, Roy, Cal and others have faced these moments and failed.

    Self faces his ultimate man-up moment.

    These are the Solomons.

    Long odds are part of all true greatness.

    Don’t fear long odds.

    Fear not doing your jobs.

    These young men on this short bench are getting ready to do the impossible, after the difficult of pre conference.

    It’s very near h-hour.

    The final preparations of the week of getting better are being made.

    What ever can sail will sail.

    Whatever can fly will fly.

    Every man carries a rifle now, even the cook.

    Only the enemies’ weaknesses will be attacked.

    There aren’t resources for attacking strengths.

    Island hop.



  • @jaybate-1-0 Short odds are many times more depressing -

    Odds Bill Self says, “I think we’re getting close” in the next three days - 1:10

    Odds that Marcus Peters has a meltdown when the Chiefs need it least - 1:1

    Odds that Preston is a OAD no matter what - 1:2

    Odds that the Royals won’t see the World Series for another decade or two - 1:15

    Odds that DeSousa getting “clearance” is similar to others before him - 2:1

    Odds I think I have my golf swing exactly where I want it - 1:5

    Odds that my golf swing actually is exactly where I want it - 20:1 (a deviation from the short odds theme for illustrative purposes only)

    Odds that I eat two pop-tarts instead of one, despite knowing better - 1:25 (My wife knows better than to buy them, but God bless her, every so often they show up in the pantry and she says, “well, I know you like the smores ones.” Yes … yes I do).

    But alas, short odds have always served us well -

    Odds KU wins the Big 12 even when all seems against us - 1:3

    Odds KU wins 25 games - 1:10

    It’s game day.

    Now, where the he** is that Texas redhead that so graciously appeared in AFH many moons ago? I bet she has aged softly.

    Odds that she is making some young man very happy - 1:100

  • @HighEliteMajor

    We need her today for good luck. Like the pinup on the old WWII Subs.

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