Bill Self Bucket list

  • kind of like this list. Would be very entertaining I think. Coach says for his stops yet on his bucket list he would like to - - - -Coach a game at Cameron/Duke. - -Hell ya nice challenge. He says he doesn’t know if it would ever happen but would like to. - KU only played once in Cameron, when we had a home and home where Duke took both. Last played in 1989.

    Coach said not sure if Coach K would want to play a home and home seeing as how we match up with Duke every 3rd year on a neutral site in the Champions Classic - - -I for one would love to set up a home and home - -would be huge contest - -classic battle in non con. - You don’t think Allen and Cameron would be rockin? - -Coach talked about Cameron and Allen being two of the best. - -Man I would love to see that come to be.

    Coach also said he would like to play at the Palestra in Philadelphia. That too would be sweet. - not sure who that would be - -Villanova maybe? - -If so that would be some sweet games. - -what you all think? - -you like that? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’m down for both.