How Many?

  • OK, soo how many losses takes the big 12 title this year? - - I see KU with 3-4 losses and taking the title

    We lose @ Oklahoma - - - We lose @ West Virginia - - -We lose @ Iowa State ( Can’t say that’s concrete but it’s Hilton ) & - -possibly @ Baylor – just guesses - -I may have to think about possibly @ Texas Tech - - they have 5 seniors shpould be a good game there - think we will pull it out.

    Soo what’s your guess? - How many does the champ lose? - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The tougher the conference the tougher it is on everybody not named KU too. KU loses 4 and wins by 2.

  • Tough to say. This team doesn’t look unbeatable at AFH, so anything could happen.

    KU always struggles in Stillwater, even when we are much better than them, and get beat more than we should. KU tends to struggle (but win) at Hilton. Haven’t won in Morgantown in five years (not sure that changes this year). Tend to play choppy in Manhattan. Struggle in Lubbock (and against weaker teams than what they are trotting out this year). We haven’t played well in Fort Worth the last couple of years. Texas and Oklahoma are much better than either of them was last year.

    Suffice it to say, this isn’t a 15-3 type of team. This could be a 12-6 type of team.

    However, I will add this caveat. If Billy Preston is eligible and productive, this could be a 14-4 type team, but that remains unknown, and depending on how far into the season this goes, may not change the overall record that much.

  • I would be shocked if we had less than 4 losses, I could see the winner with 4 or 5 loses. We must be undefeated at AFH to win the conference IMO. All that being said Iets just worry about Texas.

  • 4 losses and a tie for the title. None of us had best forget about TCU.

  • REHawk said:

    4 losses and a tie for the title. None of us had best forget about TCU.

    Agreed - -I’ve always like Jamie, and when I seen he was headed to the Big 12, got me excited thought ya this will upgrade their program for sure - -and it has. - - They are the only Big 12 team that ended the season with a win – winning the NIT and haven’t lost this year 15 game winning streak BUT think that’s about ready to come to an end. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • 4 losses

    everyone freaks out after the first three losses, then the rest of conference collapses on itself like usual once they they play their home game against KU. Then we lose one more weird one that doesn’t matter. AND CRUISE TO THE FINAL 4, BAYBEE.

  • @DanR But one of these years that formula is not going to work. This year we lost two home games in a row for the first time since before anyone knew what internet meant and people still liked Dick Vitale.

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