Is It Time to Augment Basketball Strategy with Artificial Intelligence? (for @KUSTEVE)

  • (@KUSTEVE triggered my grey matter to come up with the following by his comment to me in another thread about Self perhaps trying a 4 point guard offense some time in the future. Imagination is triggered by interaction. Borges said thought is a labyrinth. But it has its stunning moments of clarity, also.)

    I just read a grand master of chess say that an artificial intelligence computer (AI) has recently throttled all human challengers and, more importantly, has evolved sets of moves that have never been tried by humans that any chess historians know of. Sorry, but a footnote escapes me right now.

    Anyway, it made me wonder if it is time for KU to pioneer basketball’s next frontier of introduction of AI to augment existing strategies?

    AI is clearly going to radically alter most, if not all, realms of human strategic activity, not just chess and war. Just between us, the bizarre politics of today, are almost certainly trickle down strategies from national security strategic research with game theory and AI. KU might as well get on with it in basketball. If KU pioneers it, KU will almost certainly win several rings before others adapt.

    What do others think?

  • If AI stresses defense first and a high-lo offense l’m sure Bill would jump on it. But even if he’s not the first one to instate AI; he would surely refine it to perfection.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Artificial intelligence could be the next big break through in athletics. MLB uses all kinds of advanced metrics to set defenses, to working pitch counts to pitch usage, to changing hitter’s swings to generate different results. Hell, the movie Moneyball was all about sabermetrics ( Yes, I did have Scott Hattieburg at catcher the year he exploded. That was about my only good pick in Fantasy Baseball that year. ) Our RPI, BPI, and other artificial sources are attempts of valuing and comparing college bb teams, wins and schedules, etc. One day it will be Coach Self logging into his computer, and he’ll have a complete dossier on his next opponent. The algorithm will show him where to attack, what happens if he goes a certain route, and what is the best possible lineup with thousands of simulations pre-game.


    I am fascinated by the AI in chess devising unprecedented attacks, not just more probable variations on prexisting attacks.

    It would be amazing to see what unprecedented sets and actions might be conceived for basketball.

    Talk about giving us all something new to learn all the time.

  • Has the movie Terminator not taught us anything?

  • @HighEliteMajor

    It taught us when SKYNET comes along, regardless of who sets it loose, a hero has to fight to protect virtue, sometimes die doing it, and take elements of SKYNET and turn those against SKYNET and crush it mercilessly. 😀