You're so Lucky

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    I was lucky enough to be born in Kansas. Sadly I made to many stupid mistakes to be an almnu. You don’t know how lucky some of your are. Here’s hoping my daughter finishes her college career and my dream.

    Oh and let’s go Jayhawks tonight.

  • @DoubleDD HA! Speaking of luck, I was born in Missouri. Yee-haw! But I was fortunate to have unearthed a KU grad for a bride. So, occasionally sow’s ears can be transformed into purses of silk.

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    Right on.

  • Kansas bride a very determined woman. She insisted that I square my shoulders, walk a bit taller and straighter, wave goodbye to hapless old Norm Stewart, and begin veiwing KU basketball during the Larry Brown/Danny Manning years. After that very thrilling national title game I was hooked for life.

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