Trae Young

  • OU ahead of WSU by 15 with 11 minutes left to go. Whether they win or not, in my 70 years, I’ve not seen a better Freshman point guard than Trae Young. Already with 27 points and 7 assist.

  • @wrwlumpy the other ou frosh playing his best game today!

  • Okies beat #19 Florida State.

  • This is a really good win for OU today. Trae Young is also the freshman of the year nationally. I would also vote him B12 POY at this point.

  • #3 goes down in Wichita and the Koch bros are pissed. Big 12 came alive today, at least the Oklahoma teams.

  • Great win for the league.

  • wrwlumpy said:

    #3 goes down in Wichita and the Koch bros are pissed. Big 12 came alive today, at least the Oklahoma teams.

    This win by Oklahoma will put the in the top 25, with having back to back wins over top 25 teams - this will make 6 Big 12 teams in the top 25, let’s just hope our boys don’t spoil the day. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The one thing I will say about Oklahoma , we have all heard that old saying. - -Live by the three - - Die by the three.

    Oklahoma 29-72 from the field, BUT 13-40 from the three. - - FORTY three point attempts that will jump up and bite you right square in the butt if you depend on them too much. - And I think somewhere in conference IT WILL cost them once or twice in the season

    The one thing like I stated is Trae is going to get his points , you might just realize he is going to get his points, the thing is we just can’t let the rest to go off for career nights. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Someone needs to give him a snickers bar. What a diva.

  • Could you imagine how much better we’d be with Trae and DTG instead of Newman.

  • Folks, Trae Young is the real deal. KU missed out on a very fine talent when this kid signed with Lon Kruger. He will give us fits in our two league meetings this season. Our entire league is now beginning to climb in the polls. Gonna be a real nail biter. I don’t envision our winning the crown without addition of some BIG help. The Preston mess is a giant disappointment. And Newman is not posting anywhere near the stats which most of us thought he would. Our guards are playing 4 or 5 too many minutes nightly, accumulating wear and tear, sometimes vs. ho-hum opponents. We could not build or maintain enough of a lead to get Cunliffe solid playing minutes at Nebraska. Udoka is on the steady uptick, but really needs some help. Future looks a bit shaky at this stage.

  • I just watched the OU/WSU game. I know one thing, WSU is not a #3 team. But WSU should have beaten OU. WSU had the edge inside, but OU had just enough firepower to keep the lead. Both teams were sloppy. All OU has is TY. And lastly, CF is useless. Lattin and McNeace are poor inside players. The other frosh, Manek was able to support Young and if Manek fails, WSU wins this game. OU relies way too much on the Trae, haha, pun intended.

  • @REHawk We can’t get Preston and Silvio fast enough.

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