• Well my KU Brothern we are coming to the close of another year. Where does time go my friends? So with the New Year approaching , it’s time for Resolutions - well from me anyways. - So:

    Let me say 1st and foremost how much I enjoy this room, and yes how much I appreciate everyone in here, I find it pretty cool how many can give really good insight at various times. I always look forward to any recruiting news/rumor. - -Everypone here has been really good to me all things considered & I want it to remain that way.

    Now I know I’ve gotten into some oh let’s say for the lack of better wording, -some heated exchanges at times - at times bad enough where the good ol boys locked the conversation. I admit I get carried away, I have a fault at times of being to passionate for the Crimson and blue. - Not only here but among others outside of here. - I just hate peope talking smack about KU - -plain and simple. probably why I got kicked out of the Kentucky board lmao.

    But just want to say my Crimson & Blue friends here are the best, so glad I’ve come to some what know you in some form or fashion and look forward to the upcoming months/years. Sooo my New Years Resolution?

    I am going to try - I said TRY lol, so next year when browsing through the various threads if I run across a comment that I differ on - if they are minor differences - I’ll astill respond. - BUT if I feel that we are just Miles apart more of an irritation as one says about certain responses? - -Then my new approach when I respond will be I’ll say - -" I will zip my lip " - So if you see where I stated I will zip my lip – then you know we are not even close on this lol.

    Hopefully my new approach will keep things better in perspective, maybe I won’t make as many in here mad - -upset with me. - I know I’m not the most knowledgeable person in the room - but I feel I can contribute something lol - -SOO there you have it my friends - -my New Years Resolution - -Watch for it, cause I’m sure there will be some lol. - You guys are the best. - It is so refreshing for this old man to be able to come and talk with other KU, sports fanactics.

    Oh ya also - -New Year - -New Signature Ending. - As you all know it’s always been ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY. - -well it’s fading into the Sunset - New year - -New signature. - Look for it -it’s coming - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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