Things not looking good

  • Well looks like for sure UCLA has been able to wash there hands of the Ball circus for good. - -Steve Alford doing hands stands. - Fran says Steve has been partying for three days lol, hasn’t come back yet.

    As you know Daddy pulled Li Angelo but La Melo was verbally commited to going there. WELL looks like that isn’t happening now. The Ball brothers - -both have signed with an Agent - -Harrison Gaines - - -So much for College ball for either one of them now. - -un Believable.

    A guy from zags blog did some interviews with a half dozen or so NBA agents to gauge market for the brothers might be overseas. It goes as follows:

    Agent # 1 : No it’s about winning. - -Seems pretty pain to the point

    Agent # 2: I’m sure more for marketing purposes then on the court though. Some mid level team somewhere maybe like Israel D-2

    Agent # 3 : Their combined Value is roughly zero dollars. But I bet some low level team signs them for publicity. It will last a month or two at most.

    Agent # 4 : Definitely because of publicity. I would think they are going to get offers in a lot of different markets they’ll probably pick somewhere there has a lot of growth opportunity for the big baller brand. That is the biggest upside of the whole package thing.

    Agent # v5 ; LOL " probably not "

    Agent # 6 ; I would say probably no. People don’t understand Europe. It’s no joke. They MAY get signed as a courtesy but it won’t last.

    Agent # 7 : La Melo yes. Gelo is a md major combo forward not a real pro at any level. G league overseas included. He MIGHT get on an overseas team because of the youngest one it would have to be a team looking for publicity.

    The head Coach of one of the overseas stated when he found they were available: - -the Lietkabelis head Coach said: " We have an opening at the Security staff. Since they have had an experience in the field " - -LMAO.

    Another stated: - There is NO market for them in Europe unless someone wants to bring the Circus to town - - Again - - LMAO.

    Wonder how Daddy is feeling now that he has stripped Li Angelo of a free education ? - All expenses paid - -well except for the shoplifting. - -UCLA wouldn’t pay for that mess.

    Made sure La-Melo can’t play at any college - -what a mess. - -GOOD LUCK - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Additional information just came out. According to Jason Whitlock, LiAngelo’s credit card was declined (so much for the Ball’s credit) at the Louis Vuitton store and this is why he shoplifted the sun glasses.

    At his press conference, LiAngelo threw his teammates under the bus indicating they were the leaders but as it turn out, he is the only one that shoplifted at all 3 places; good thing for him he is not going back to UCLA.

    I just don’t see them playing pro ball anywhere; one is not good enough and the othre too young to know. China would have been a potential landing spot but I am sure it is no longer an option; having signed with an agent college is out of the question. At this time, the only place I see them ending up is at the WWE, WWF or whatever is is called these days.

  • @JayHawkFanToo You talk about a family that is a mess. Their daddy continues to try and cover up and pamper and deny - he has ruined these boys future. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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