• Three Sooners Penalized For Too Much Pasta

    This is absurd. How much time and money did the NCAA and OU waste on this, let alone distract and hassle some young student athletes.

  • Approx, looks like I botched the link, can you assist?

  • Gheez… can a football player eat too much pasta? Their metabolism pretty much run at such a pace that their bodies use up the fuel of the pasta going in simultaneously with each bite. These guys could continue to eat pasta indefinitely… especially if they are sitting on toilets at the table!

  • The Gawd-awful NCAA commercial patting itself on the back for “looking out for student athletes” is insulting, disingenuous and down-right dishonest.

  • I thought the player tweets were funny as they actually paid $5 buck instead of the 3 bucks and change stating they ate more than that.

  • @741hawk

    “looking out” has a double-entendre… first… it could mean watching out for the best interest of student-athletes. Or… second… they are stalking (and possibly preying) on student-athletes to command control so they can gain the biggest benefit.

    I’m comfortable in saying “looking out” fits the second definition more than the first!

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