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  • Just sitting here on a Sunday morning going through different sports articles on the guys and such, with random thoughts.

    These thoughts are , that to me well along with some others that I have read from various places is, I’m just starting to lose confidence that Billy will be back.True there is the eternal optimist that says OH he is coming back - just anytime now -I think you’ll see him back by bla, bla, bla, bla. Thinking there is more to this, deeper then we know quite possibly. It’s quite obvious more then just about the car, this could of would of been cleared along time ago.

    Some people saying there is nothing to Billy’s mom coming to Lawrence. Possibly not - - Maybe not. - - -Coach self says he found out after practice Friday about Billy’s mom coming to town, the question being - -IF Billy is still really a part of the team Why would Billy’s mom make the trip to Lawrence knowing Billy was leaving that same weekend for a road game? - -If he is still really a part of the team I as a Coach whether he plays or not if they think he is eligible I would want him with the team being a part of the team even if he is not playing. - -The well it’s been quite awhile since he has see Seen his mom - -well hell a lot of the players it’s been quite awhile since they have seen their parents. - - We just need to get this thing resolved/soon.

    Then we have De-Sousa - -not feeling as good about him coming early and playing 2nd semester. - -You have some people that say well he is just trying to improve his score - -get a higher score. - -The question to that is WHY? - -unless the scores he has gotten from previous tests aren’t good enough for him to be able to transfer in. - -If they ARE good enough then there is no need to take the test again, you have already accomplished what you needed to do to come in at semester. - -The only reason to try and get a higher score is if the others didn’t qualify you, not getting a good feel there either - or at least less confident.

    The we have Our walk on. - -Now at least to me, adding him on as a walk on just makes the most sense to me. - I mean we all know that he isn’t going t be some instant stud on the team - -were not looking for that/ we don’t need no stud scorer from the inside. - What we DO NEED is a backup that can provide 6-7-8 minutes in case of foul issues for Doke and to a lesser degree for Mitch - -some added depth. - -I mean obviously the kid has to have some skill that’s proven. - -I mean yes it was at a Juco but still 19.2 & 12.6 - -hell even half those Juco totals here would be more then enough for what we need from him - I mean he has shown he can play at least a bit - it’s been done past the High School level - -Juco or no Juco again we have the people who can score the ball we need that big to be a capable back up. - -Just makes sense if Billy can’t return - -If De-Sousa can’t enter in early - -We need Big’s - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Here is an explanation on Preston not making the trip to Miami.

    It has been already reported that DeSousa’s score was not high enough so he had to retake the test hoping for a better score.

    The walk-on status will likely be determined based on what the projected status for DeSousa and Preston is at the time.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Already seen that. - -That doesn’t explain anything , all that is saying that Coach Self said he didn’t even know about Billy’s mom coming to Lawrence until AFTER Fridays practice. - -sure he says Billy is going to be part of the practice - Still doesn’t answer the question WHY would Billy’s mom knowing that the KU team was leaving Lawrence for a game knowing that her son was a part of this team - WHY does she come to Lawrence the same time when the team is leaving? -That question is in answered unless for other reasons. - Some say it was to help him pack - -I won’t go that far - Could it be she wanted to come and discuss their option sunder the assumption of him no being eligible? - -You can’t say that’s not the reason -I can’t say that it is - -the bottom line is NO ONE knows.

    It just doesn’t make any sense if Billy is a part of the team - -then he should be traveling with the team whether playing or not in a to show support for the team. Again I would be having him come - -there are a lot of other players that are part of the team that haven’t seen their folks for a long time.

    With Coach leaving Billy behind , not traveling with the team would lead some one to have more of a tendency that Coach knows something more about the eligibility, maybe not feeling very good at all, leaves Billy and telling media because of not seeing his mom for quite awhile - -I can’t say 100 % this is what it is - -BUT you can’t say beyond a shadow of a doubt that’s not what it is - - we don’t know - to many unknown facts. - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    It is not unusual for ineligible players to miss trips. If I recall correctly Bragg missed the Kentucky and Baylor trip while his situation was resolved. Maybe Billy’s mom though she could hitch a ride to Miami with the team and Coach Self nixed the idea and gave him a way to save face. Considering the apparent lack of transparency from Billy’s side it would not surprise me.

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