LaVar , LaVar , LaVar - - Damn

  • Ok guys wasn’t really sure where to put this but put it here, feel free to move if you think this is in the wrong spot. Putting here case kind of Political but yet kind of sports related also.

    Let me say LaVar Ball has to be the most idiotic , moronic person I’ve ever heard/read about. I guess Last night in an interview with ESPN - he was at it again. Like the article I rea said everybody knows how BOTH Trump and Ball Both make outrageous statements to ensure they remain in the media spotlight. Ball likes to as to generate more attention .

    We all know that Trump made a off the cuff statement saying I wonder if the UCLA players will thank me for my involvement helping get their release? - -Trump received the thank you he deserved from each UCLA player last Wednesday during the players 1st public comment. - -THAT should of ended Trump’s involvement UNTIL - - -LAVAR ran his mouth again.

    When asked about Trump’s involvement about helping LaVar said - - -WHO? - - What was he over there for - -Don’t tell me nothing, EVERYONE wants to seem like he helped me out.

    It ain’t that BIG OF DEAL" Really " ? it’s not ? - -LaVar says like I told Li Angelo they try to make a big deal out of nothing. I’m from LA , I’ve seen a lot worse happen then a guy taking some glasses.

    The article says his audacious comments will no doubt increase his public stature and awareness of the Big Baller brand, but his defiant stance can only hurt his son. Not only is LaVar extending the incident , he could also be goading the UCLA admin into sending a message that this WAS a big deal by handing LiAngelo and his teammates a longer suspension.

    My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesn’t define him. Now if you go back and say when he was 12 years old he was shoplifting and stealing cars and going wild, then that’s a different thing.

    LaVar was set to hold a news Conference in China the day after the arrest until counsel persuaded him to stand down. The lawyer were undoubtedly were afraid Ball would make an outlandish statement that would rile the Chinese authorities into making an example of the three players instead of showing lenience. The comments Ball made Friday Night are proof they were right not to trust him. Put a mic in front of LaVar and consequences be damned, he will always say what he thinks will garner the most attention.

    Now may take after reading all of this - - I don’t care if you Love Trump - - Hate Trump - - - Like Trump - -or just no opinion about Trump. - - -LaVar Ball is just a complete -Dum ASS.

    he says " It ain’t that Big of deal about China " - -Buddy you are soft - - real fricken soft. - for one - -these kids were in a foreign Country, to play Basketball, they were there representing the University of UCLA -their dumm ass decisions to decide OH well let’s just go and rip these glasses off from high end stores here in China, these stores have security camera’s thicker then ticks on a dogs back Their idiot decision to pull this stunt not only reflects on them, but their teammates , their school AND United States.

    LaVar Ball pops off and says " I’m from LA " - to which I say AND? - -your point? - -that makes you special? - that makes your kid exempt? - that means unless your from LA you ain’t squat? - what about the other kids backgrounds? - -umm say like NY – Chicago - -Detroit? you all big an d bad.

    Your idiot response - -saying Everyone wants to seem like he helped me out - -referring to Trump - -umm here is a news flash - - he DID help you out idiot , whether how big or small your not telling me that Trump talking to the Chinese authorities didn’t help you, - - get the hell out of here with that crap.

    You say if LiAngelo would of been shoplifting and stealing cars at the age of 12 - then it would of been different? - -Last time I checked I don’t give a fliipin frick whether your shoplifting - -stealing cars or whatever doesn’t matter if your 10 - - 12 - -15 - 20 - - 30 who gives a damn - your BREAKING THE LAW IDIOT I’m sure if you were to ask any local law enforcement they would pretty much agree with that.

    You don’t want to give Trump any credit for helping - maybe he should of let your boy sit in prison over in China for those 10 yrs, how you would of liked that? - They don’t play in these Countries this is serious to them - Your boy got very lucky. I wonder if Trump didn’t get involved and LaVar ran his mouth and the Chinese would of carried out the sentence - wonder what the other kids would of thought about LaVar running his mouth. - I WAS A BIG DEAL , you mean to tell me Li Angelo didn’t have money to buy these glasses? - -Please.

  • @jayballer54 Lavar says, “I’m from LA” to which much of LA says, “Please go elsewhere and say that!”

  • mayjay said:

    @jayballer54 Lavar says, “I’m from LA” to which much of LA says, “Please go elsewhere and say that!”

    Lmao, I like that - -that’s pretty good. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Because of the pissant actions of 3 Division 1 basketball players the president of the USA ends up pleading for mercy from the Chinese heirarchy. Cutting a deal. What is (or will be) the flipside of this deal? The CEO of big baller brand brays his arrogance while shielding his pissant thieving son. End of story. Not.

  • Will make for an interesting sportswatch, the date of UCLA reinstatement of young baller brand and cohorts. And China? Perhaps POTUS and Co. will agree to ease up on the threat of fire and fury.

  • @REHawk

    FWIW, I don’t believe the president should have gotten involved. This is the job of the Embassy and the Department of State, Trump had to use valuable political capital with the Chinese that will have to be repaid sooner or later and for what? 3 idiots that decided to shoplift and when left behind stayed confined in a luxury hotel?..I would have let them stew for a month or two before intervening.

  • Aw shucks, I know how this idiocy will turn out. China will manufacture those $500 tennies for Big Baller; probably also send to LA several trial cases of USA Collegiate Hoops Sunglasses.

  • I guess Big Baller product will not be manufactured in China anytime soon…😃

  • …and Ivanka will probably pocket the patent on both the shoes and glasses?

  • @JayHawkFanToo We can’t allow public emotion or normal appropriate conduct to get in the way of big business. Dollars are dollars…or YENS?

  • @REHawk

    …and Ivanka will probably pocket the patent on both the shoes and glasses?

    Let’s no go there; this is not the political forum.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Heck, this is UCLA Basketball! Division 1 athletes and a parent stirring up public indignation. The political stuff is just a tangential mire that our president stepped into.

  • @REHawk

    I did not defend the President but why bring his daughter into the fray? I am out.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Okay, okay. One last word and I will cease, too. It just seems to follow, logically, that if the current president is to broker any dealings with China, there will have to be some advantages involved in that decision. For both parties. Early in his administration, the leader of China came to D.C. to meet with our newly elected leader; after which it was unveiled that the anointed daughter had garnered several Chinese patents for her merchandise. So…if China is actually to produce Mr. Ball’s shoes or his/UCLA’s sunglasses, would it not follow that someone high in our government will benefit from the DEAL? Daughter’s young offspring could sing a little song in Mandarin, and SHAZAM! But then again, maybe the Chinese shoe deal and the sunglasses won’t fly. S. Korea or Japan might intervene to broker the deal. Whatever, there is bound to be a winner or two stemming from the notorious collegiate hoops theft. All’s well that ends well. Bye.

  • @REHawk

    With all due respect you should do little research before you post incorrect statements. Ivanka Trump did not receive any “patents” from China, she did get “trademarks” for her name, a completely different thing and something business and individuals with recognizable names do routinely to prevent others from using and profiting from their names illegally. She and her firm have been doing this since long before her father even announced his candidacy and has 18 of those trademarks and and number more under review.

    Again, why even involve her in something related to 3 idiots shoplifting in China?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I bow to your wisdom. Posters, please substitute TRADEMARKS for PATENTS in my previous post. Gotta protect the good name of anyone who might benefit from LiAngelo Ball’s involvement in toplevel pardons.

  • Well, although many people thought it was something he doesn’t ever acknowledge, Trump publicly regrets one of his actions: “I should have left them in jail!” Stories&pgtype=Homepage

    PS: On this, I agree with POTUS 100%!

  • @mayjay

    I said before and I will say it again, the president should not have gotten involved in this affair in the first place. Not his job and he wasted political capital doing it only to be rebuffed by Daddy Ball.

    More importantly, he should quit posting on tweeter and I am sure we can all agree on this but unfortunately it is probably the way politics are now. SMH.

  • mayjay said:

    Well, although many people thought it was something he doesn’t ever acknowledge, Trump publicly regrets one of his actions: “I should have left them in jail!” Stories&pgtype=Homepage

    PS: On this, I agree with POTUS 100%!

    me too let them see what it’s like in a foreign prison. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo With that part of it - -I will for sure agree with you - -all this damn twitter crap I guess I’m to old a president twitter so much just BS. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well, if LaVar should, indeed, add a line of sunglasses to his merchandise for Big Baller Brand he might label them THE DONALD’s CHINESE PEEPS. Unless, of course, a member of the president’s inner circle pounces first upon that marketing possibility. LaVar appears to be winning the war of words with our cheeky twitter king. Or, at very least, pulling a classic Trumpism by diverting heat off his eldest son Lonzo’s flagging NBA performances. His baiting and goading of the president evidently took place during an ESPN interview.

  • In some perverse section of my mind, I wish I could be in on the Thanksgiving sitdown at the Ball House of Comedy.

    “So, what’s new?”

  • mayjay said:

    In some perverse section of my mind, I wish I could be in on the Thanksgiving sitdown at the Ball House of Comedy.

    “So, what’s new?”

    Yes that is A " PERVERSE " section of your mind , lol - -My question I guess would be - - -WHY? - -why would you want to do such a thing lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Addendum to my Thanksgivinng scenario:

    “So, what’s new? Anyone have major successes this year to be thankful for?”

    “Well, I managed to sorta piss off 1.3 billion people a coupla weeks ago. I would been thankful for the shades, too, but they took 'em back. Don’t get that.”

    “Son, I already had them pissed off, plus most of the USA, so that ain’t nothin’… You are not tryin’ and frankly I resent your piddly little scheme. Fortunately, I have now pissed off the President to take any attention off you.”

    (Muttering heard nearby): “Thank God it isn’t on me and the Lakers anymore…hmm, why do I come here?”

  • I know. Not really sure WHY I keep falling into LaVar’s baited trap - -but I like so many others just can’t help myself when I hear him spew off at the mouth, the guy really chaps my ass.

    I just wonder seriously, if you were to ask the Ball boys , but if you were to ask then and they answered HONESTLY I just wonder what or how they REALLY feel about some of their dad’s comments and some of his actions? - I think if it were me , I’d be at least somewhat embarrassed of his actions and how pathetic some of his comments sounded. - - Does he not realize how much harder he is making it for his son’s - In reality I think LaVar is thinking about only LaVar - -son’s be damned.

    Last night in an interview on CNN , LaVar outdone himself yet AGAIN. - -saying that he only would of said thank you to Trump if the President would of let the 3 UCLA players fly back to United States on the Air Force One plane with Trump, saying there is plenty of room on that plane. - Get the hell out of here with that lunacy.

    Repeated again still saying that this was not that big of deal umm, here is a little foot note to that statement ( TO CHINA IT IS ) - -5-10 yrs in a foreign prison - not a big deal? -ya tell that to your son after he could of spent that time there, say tell him that after the first week in there. - If he were still alive. -Or better yet, let them pull that stunt in Saudi Arabia bet you would only do it once - they cut your hand off. anyways he still says not that big of deal - -that it was a victimless crime. That it was an impulse thing , a bad decision , at a bad time.

    Finished his little interview by saying tell Donald Trump to have a great Thanksgiving because Big Baller is.

    Again I allow myself to have to comment on his idiotic talk - but see this is exactly what he wants and I/we are giving it to him by my responding and so many others - I need some therozene to mello out about him lmao, but Damn he chaps my butt. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Why watch?

  • mayjay said:

    @jayballer54 Why watch?

    Because like thousands of others you just wonder when you see - -if it’s possible that this moron can out do himself from the last time and the answer is – -YES why yes he can. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Good point. I guess that is why I keep reading politics despite telling myself not to!

  • Banned


    Come on dude? why stir the pot?

    It would be one thing if you were making some valid post but man all you doing is showing your hate for the Trump family.

    Just let it go and if you don’t like the president vote him out?

  • You know I used to think Lavar was an idiot. But now I think he’s just playing his game trying to gain as much fame for as long as he can trying to get his brand going. I saw a guy in Wichita wearing one of those shirts the other day. Definitely not my style with his loud mouth but the younger generation seems to like it. It’s kinda like Miley Cyrus doing all the tweaking and short hair crazy stuff, she blew up after that.

  • Well daddy LaVar ha sure made it interesting for Lonzo even today as Lonzo has moved on to the NBA. - - What does ESPN want to talk about? - - Lonzo. - - I mean how many rookies are there in the NBA? - yet it’s Lonzo - - -LaVar talking about how Luke Walton the Lakers Coach doesn’t know how to Coach Lonzo - -Lavar says - -they don’t know how to Coach Lonzo - - I know how to Coach Lonzo. - -Man get the hell out of here with that crap.

    Like the ESPN commentators said, when is the last time we have ever heard about talking about the parents of an NBA player - -the Parent. - -Damn man this clown is just - - - I have no words. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @DoubleDD Hate? Showing my HATE? Aw, come on now, you’re sounding like one of my indigent welfare neighbors, guys who turned on me with that HATER label after I pointed out that the government was set to annihilate their medicaid benefits. Shucks, the only thing I ever absolutely hated was liver and onions, back when I was barely a teen. And hominy. Got burned with a leather belt one time for refusing to eat my mother’s cooking. Probably because of the belt; but I HATED those food items. Now have outgrown those emotions, and actually find liver and onions somewhat delectable. I don’t feel hate for our president, his family, inner circle or unwavering dumb supporters. What I have felt is a sense of surprise, shock, indignation and mirth. To bring my discourse back to the subject of this thread, I am getting a huge kick out of the current feud: TRUMP vs. BALL. The patriarch of some young American hoops stars denigrates the powerful leader of the Free World for not really doing much to help free his wayward son from Chinese captivity. Trump, iin a twist of furious irony, then declares that LaVar Ball is a “fool!” That stuff is more humorous than any of the Sunday comics. If the president would avoid speech and actions involving foreign relations or public morality, items of which he is either ignorant or out of 21st century tune, and stick with personal insults and braying about his omnipotence, then all of us could sit back in relief, chuckle with delight. Dagwood vs. Blondie! And heck, it looks as though Ivanka is standing tall vs. her audacious daddy in the Roy Moore debacle. Maybe Mr. Ball will find a foothold to squeeze his voice into that brouhaha. Not hate stuff, but MIRTH. Dontcha think?

  • @REHawk Do you remember when people would bring up a pet peeve by saying, “Do you know what’s wrong with America today?” and then cite some silly thing like 4-way stops? Or robocalls, or too many choices at McD’s or something?

    No one says that stuff anymore. Too many serious or tragic things that are wrong.

  • Denny’s used to have breakfast sandwich called the Dagwood but it was discontinued a while back…I really liked the Dagwood…😞

  • mayjay said:

    Well, although many people thought it was something he doesn’t ever acknowledge, Trump publicly regrets one of his actions: “I should have left them in jail!” Stories&pgtype=Homepage

    PS: On this, I agree with POTUS 100%!

    I don’t agree with him on well anything really but i agree on this one too haha. idiots

  • @HawkInMizery Yeah, the wife and I kinda concur with you guys on this issue. China should have led those guys away from those ritzy hotel lodgings, right down the stairwell from which they could be marched in cuffs to the nearest lockup. Leave them sitting for a month or so until LaVar coughed up an order for several gross of Chinese Big Baller Brand brogues and perhaps a few trial gross of Presidential Peeps Hoops Sunglasses.

  • @REHawk

    Hypothesis: someone one called in a mark on Mr. Ball and scripted what he was supposed to say.

  • Banned


    Fair enough. However I would say if my son or daughter got caught stealing in a foreign country like China. And the president stepped in to help I would be thankful but that’s just me.

    I know so many think China is a free country because they are a capitalist country. (Cough) they’re not.

    Lavar is being stupid. The old saying bad press is better than no press? Oh wait I’m sure the Trump haters are lining up to buy big baller shoes right now. Doesn’t matter that his kid stole some high end merchandise. Haha. Now that’s funny right?

    Ask Otto Warmbiers parents how they feel about their kid stealing in a foreign country? And all he stole was a poster.

    It’s all fun and games until some one dies. Not so funny.

  • @DoubleDD Well, I just read that between last Friday and this Wednesday Big Baller Brand gleaned over 13 million dollars of free advertising, thanks to Donald Trump’s rants. Regardless of the criminal stuff which led to this feud, such statistics are mighty damned amusing. LaVar seems to possess an instinct for marketing. When he brayed about his personal hoops superiority to Michael Jordan, I scratched my old hairless pate and mumbled to myself, “What an idiot!” Now I better understand the guy. I think he has out-Trumped the Trumper. (On the other hand, I think his kid and cohorts should have served a few weeks of hard time before departing China. They embodied a light touch of what the world is viewing in regards to Ugly America.)

  • …and I would not find myself at all surprised to find in a few months the amusing revelation that The Donald and Family have invested a significant holding in Big Baller Brand. Heck, those two guys could plumb this marketing bonanza for several months, if not years.

  • @REHawk Trump is generally believed to not be interested in investing in brand names other than his own.

    I think he is more likely to tweet, after this 13 mil news, that Big Baller should pay him for the publicity.

    Then the usual media hoopla will ensue, he will be accused by some as attempting to obtain compensation for performing an act as President (talking to a foreign leader), La Var will get the chance to appear more stupid than he is already, Twitter will go aflame even more, Trump will be cleared by a First Amendment analysis by the ACLU, he will get in trouble yet again for insulting the ACLU even after they helped him, and really by then no one will give a crap because worse will happen in the meantime.

  • Banned


    Well if big baller is making money of the the feud of Lavar and Trump?

    I’m pretty sure it’s persons that Hate trump. Persons that are willing to overlook that a kid stole some highend stuff in a foreign country.

    A country that doesn’t hold our views on stealing stuff.

    I get it no big deal, Yet in China it’s a big deal. Trump doesn’t step in? Who knows what happens?

    Just like when Obama didn’t step in on the Otto kid. Even though American taxpayers pay North Korea More than they deserve.

  • Banned


    You know you can always vote him out? Maybe this next election you can a dem prepresenative to actually visits certain states instead of taking them for granted?

  • @DoubleDD No one said they are making money off it, only that they got free publicity. Just as the media was analyzed as having given the Donald millions of dollars worth of attention for free in the election by covering and endlessly discussing every utterance, glance, tweet, or movement he made even before he announced.

    There is a reason both he and LaVar are considered to be marketing geniuses.

  • @DoubleDD So can you. We can work together on this.

  • Banned


    Um The president is a multi billionaire. Lavar is trying to make hey off his children?

    Yet somehow Lavar is a gensis? Seems more like a scam bag to me.

    His kid just got caught stealing in a foreign country that doesn’t recognize our laws. If it was me I would be grateful that the president dem/Rep stepped in to help my kid.

    Yet it’s Trump so forget that.

  • @DoubleDD Look, give it a rest. You are always looking for fights. Would you please notice that I originally said I agree with the Donald about La Var?

  • Banned

    mayjay said:

    @DoubleDD So can you. We can work together on this.

    NOt me I’m going to vote for him again. You people are nuts. Obamacare sucks. We gave billions of tax payers monies to a country that wants to wipe American of the face of the earth. We had the dem Party sell Uranium to Russia? You know the country that affected our recent elections?

    The old saying if you do what you have always done expecting a different result? Yes it’s time of change.

    YOur smart guy Trump may not be the person. Yet maybe he burns enough bridges that we and I mean we Americans finally get a Preisident we want.

  • I have Obamacare.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 “I have Obamacare.”

    Unfortunately, hundreds of politicians (congressmen and senators and the Prez) who think that that fact is a failure.

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