2019 Stud Matt Hurt

  • Is visiting today for the game.

  • And yes since he is 2019 it’s unofficial so it’s on his own dime.

  • Lead assistant on this one is good old Snacks.

  • Nice to see a kid coming in for an unofficial this early

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Nice to see a kid coming in for an unofficial this early

    KU is in deeper here than I think most realize.

  • True, we still very much in the Hunt for Hurt, A ways back some time ago , the good Ol CB had KU as the leader for him - -then later I read where he names his 5 official visits and KU was not one of the five , so I thought well either we have backed off, not showing as much interest anymore Or he had backed away from KU.

    Checking yesterday though shows we are right there with Minnesota in the good Ol CB - " for what that’s worth " 33% - -33% so ya we still right there.

    Our 2019 is looking pretty solid still - - Interesting, wonder what Wiseman will do? - declared ineligible at his high School or whatever that will be fun.

    But if KU wants them looks like Earl - - - -Chandler Lawson - - -Harvey - - - Marcedus Leech are there for the taking - -then of course Markese already committed,

    Then strong in the hunt for Cole Anthony also.

    If you want to dream a little further - -class 2020 - shows we knotted up with N Carolina for the # 1 player in the Class: - - 6"10 PF out of Richmond Virginia - - -Isiah Todd; His top 5 Schools are - - KU - - Virginia - - Virginia Tech - - -Duke - - & N Carolina right now its KU 50% - -N Carolina 50 % - you can take it to the bank ol rat face will be really involved - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 My best guess for 2019 is Jacobs, Harvey, JRE, Chandler Lawson. A lot depends on who leaves early. Also, Lawson and Hurt, will one of them be okay with playing the 4? Not an issue for JRE, fwiw.

  • @BShark If these guys turn out to be our 2019 class, that’s another pretty dam solid class. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • It would be two great classes in a row.

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