Well postgame/1st game impressions

  • Tennessee State Coach seemed to be pretty classy guy. - stated - KU was most aggressive team offensively he has ever Coached against. Saying they just attack you so hard. - Also stated that no where will be like this that they play - -he said after their practice yesterday he told his wife , from being in the atmosphere he had regained his love for basketball.

    Ok , so- - 1st half , what can you say - -looked pretty good , pretty much took whatever , did whatever. - - Vick? - -well , Ya. -realize just ONE game , but looks so smooth. -enjoy him this season , cause if he has any kind of even above average - -plays consistent - I think he leaves. - His shoot looking sweet. - - -Yep everyone was spot on about Garrett, last night was my 1st chance to see him live. - -Man though 10 points - - 10 rebounds - - pretty good. - - Doke good game , but just have to say , man he still looks like - - I dunno stiff , is that the right word - -when he catches deep looks mechanical - -like he is almost trying to figure out what he is looking to do with a move - -with the ball. Still 13 & 6 - –

    We NEED DE-SOUSA - - -man do we need De Sousa. - - we get in any kind of foul trouble might get pretty ugly , Mitch – love ya man , and I will stick with ya - -BUT guy and he tries - -he really does. At his best STILL mop up player in big time College basketball. - -He had some good things 3 blocks , - -& 5 rebounds in 17 minutes - -so that’s acceptable for spot minutes - - BUT - - also on the other side of the tree - - 4 fouls - - 4 turnovers in 17 minutes, again he tries he bust his butt - just a little less talented that’s all for this level. Please come on down De Sousa - -SOS help needed soon lol.

    Then we have this: BILLY PRESTON - -what the hell? - -come on man, we going to have a repeat of Carlton? - - umm NO. - -get your head out of your ass , your future is ahead of you , your education is getting paid for. what the hell ya doing? - - We need you on the floor - -not riding the pine for suspension for the game. - -You know when curfew is - -this is not North Carolina - -our athletes actually DO have to and expected to ATTEND CLASS - -your a talented kid - - don’t waste it.

    Overall pretty nice opening night - -1st half very good - – -2nd half kind of ragged - -hell we scored as many points in the 1st half as Tennessee State did the entire game. - -one down - -now things get serious ( UK ) - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I wonder if what you said about Doke has same root cause as Mitch’s problems. You said Doke looked stiff and mechanical. Mitch can’t hold onto the ball on offense but looked more natural on d (3 blocks as you said). Do you think technique is being blasted at these guys in practice right now, and their overthinking it’s manifesting into these different symptoms on the court? Surely Doke is more agile than what we are seeing, and surely Mitch is capable of gripping the ball a little better.

  • @approxinfinity Very well could be. - - -I am just not sure , I have to agree you would think he is more fluid then that. - -This is one reason I wonder how he really going to fit in at the next level - -NBA. - - If he is like this in the NBA they will eat him alive - -this is where like people say , I think this is what plays a part of people saying he is still raw.

    I think it gets to a point like we have all heard , he would be so much better if he just went out and played - -quit thinking so much - -quit overthinking - -just go play - have fun - - do what you do best -relax.

    It’s like a lot of times he is trying to dissect each play - -each move - -overthinks like ok - is this the right way.- So ya could be they are hammering him in practice - -after awhile it gets to a point where you start thinking more about making a mistake then just going out and PLAY - I fully believe he will be fine - - I mean in reality - -with the injury from last year - like starting all over again in game time conditions.

    We need De-Sousa - but is that going to happen. - -Thing is again , watching Doke - -and not trying to knock the man , but I just don’t know about how he fits at the next level with the NBA trending away from the typical Big. - - This thinking really makes me wonder will he leave after this year? - -OR will he return and work even harder then go - stick for yet another year. – When the year 1st started I was like right at 100% he would be gone. - -Now as we go along I’m wavering - -this would be a really good time when it comes - - for him not to just jump declare for the NBA - -this is a perfect scenario/time to test the waters 1st BEFORE you declare. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY