• Sorry to hear this @KUSteve http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21266399/deshaun-watson-houston-texans-tears-acl-thursday-practice

    DeShaun was fun to watch. That guy had a veterans presence in the pocket already. Too bad.

  • Didn’t I mention, in reply to worries about the injury risk of playing Mizzou, that like Doke, anyone can get hurt in practice, too?

  • Deshaun Watson seems to be right up there with future Brady discussions. Pocket poise is unreal. I became a fan of him watching him win the National Championship, and he’s kept right on going in the NFL. How rare a rookie performance. That Carson Wentz kid in Philly isnt bad either.

    Patrick Mahomes will shine for KC. But this is Alex’s year. But also, unfortunately, KC is getting exposed, as usually happens when Andy’s scheming starts to get figured out. If Alex Smith has to scramble around with regularity on busted play after busted play, trying to get a 1st down, I hate to say he’s on borrowed time, like every QB is in that situation. It happened to Randall Cunningham, Mike Vick, and all the great scramblers at some point. Limit the risk of such plays. Steelers just revealed the flaws in the Chiefs, and people are exploiting it. And I hate the Steelers. The Cowboys outschemed Andy Reid also. Where were the 3 TE sets when Dallas was sending 2 people at both OLT and ORT at the same time (Romo in the booth saying “nobody can stop it”). Add a TE to each side. I only say that as Ive seen Andy do that before, why not then? Get Alex killed, and we’ll see Mahomes, ready or not. But he’ll have the same poor-D squad Alex does.

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