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    Pretty in depth stuff for each team preview. Has not got to KU yet.

  • @BShark That reminds me, we need to thank Texass for landing Coleman clearing the way for Dotson (and Grimes?!?)

  • Pretty sure Duke and KU passed on Coleman.

  • Interesting read. Really in depth. Good Stuff so far

  • Read just a little bit about how West Virginia & Coach Huggins says because of his depleted roster , he is considering pulling back on his vaunted all over the court doesn’t matter where , when , full court press. - -Says he is going to have to be more of an pick and choose type approach with it.

    I think this is going to hurt them plenty. - -Them forcing turnovers leading to easy buckets 5-4 - - 4-3 advantages was 3/4 of their success. If they get into a lot of 1/2 court scenario’s I think they are going to be in trouble. - -They run ugly half court schemes, a lot of very average shooters. - -They for sure need a up beat tempo. We shall see. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I agree that if they dial back the pressure they will be vulnerable because of it.

    It’s coach speak, nobody should believe what Huggins says. Once he gets Ahmad back he has plenty of bodies to press the same they always do.

    Until Ahmad returns this isn’t a very good team

  • One of Self’s weaknesses is coaching the press break. Passive and weak. He’s admitted that they don’t practice it sufficiently, citing limited practice time. Best medicine is a PG you can give the ball to and say “go.” Second best medicine is getting the ball in quickly and attacking down the floor.

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