King Shaq-Lemore Runs Into A Wall

  • BMac had a great dunk tonight with the help of Shaq. Unfortunately there was a Wall in his way.

  • @brooksmd it was fun. Ben did Jayhawks proud!

  • Second best dunk of the night; had he nailed it the first time he might have had a chance. I don’t care for the current format, it is really no improvement from previous formats. I would have like to see the top 3 finishers duke it out in a 5 dunk contest.

  • @JayHawkFanToo me too!

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’m on board with that, too!

    I liked BMac’s dunk for the crown… but have to admit Wall brought the winner.

  • @drgnslayr did you read the link I posted on the OAD or sleeping giant? It was from the hutch news on Wiggins.

  • Dunk contests are insipid. Period.

    They are like judging gymnastics, or ice-skating, or snowboarding routines without any rational technical and aesthetic criteria at all.

    Dunk festivals would be more appropriate.

    Everyone gets together and shows their best dunk.

    People eat and drink. The players celebrate one of the great joys of the game. Fini.

    If they insist on having a dunk contest, then continually raise the basket until only one person left can dunk.

    The rest of it is all BS and everyone knows it.


  • @Crimsonorblue22

    “… did you read the link I posted on the OAD or sleeping giant? It was from the hutch news on Wiggins.”

    I did just now.

    It’s amazing how people see things differently. In some ways I agree with the writer… that we don’t run enough plays specifically to help him. But he shouldn’t need much help with his athleticism. He should be able to create on his own. He should be able to run through the pack of post players (making his own screen) and come out the other side ready to score.

    Andrew is largely untethered. Heck… he can even go against the coaching and jump over and guard someone who isn’t his assignment. You can’t get too much more “untethered” than that!

    I say all this… but I’ve been guilty myself of falling into the crowd and experiencing Andrew’s motions as effortless, when in fact, they are not effortless.

    What I don’t question is that Andrew is in excellent condition… condition that 99.9999% of the world will never come close to. Yet… on ball stops he is most-likely the one panting out of breath, or holding up his slim frame by his knees. He is putting out effort… plenty of it!

    I think what we really care about is results. And early on in this season Andrew wasn’t getting near the results he is starting to get now. His defense is tightening down, he is getting a few TOs or causing disruptions in oppositions’ offense. He is snagging some rebounds.

    He will continue to improve… to make his game more proficient for the energy he exerts.

    I’d like to see us try to open up the court more and get him the ball. That should be our goal, and by doing so we would definitely be showcasing his talents.

    We should not build an offense around Andrew. I like how the writer made the comparison to Durant. Well… Durant averaged 25.8 ppg and 11.1 rpg on a Texas team that couldn’t even win the B12 and finished at 25-10, became a fourth seed in March and lost in the second round. Not exactly up to KU standards! We’ll keep to the team ball concept!

    I agree with that writer in his comments at the end… imagine being the NBA team that repeats the blunder of picking Bowie over Jordan! What I don’t understand is how sports media builds news by creating it themselves. Who cares what some non-player thinks will be the #1 pick in the draft. None of that is relevant or news. None of it is a factual prediction. Yet sports media gives it credence.

    Wiggins will be drafted near the top. There are many factors involved, like what kind of hole a team is trying to fill. A Bowie could go before him… whatever!

  • @jaybate 1.0

    “If they insist on having a dunk contest, then continually raise the basket until only one person left can dunk.”

    Now your talking!

    I’ll get excited when a player learns to run up to the goal and do a front flip in the air and stuff the ball with his feet! Now that is special and deserves some kind of trophy!

    Dunks are only magical in games… when it counts. Like when there is a defender involved!

    Hard to beat the professor of dunk… Dr. J! His under-the-goal-and-come-out-the-other-side-and-finger-roll beats anything I watched the other night! …and it wasn’t even a dunk!

    There was the one dunk from Jordan when he took off before the free throw line and seemed to float in the air… that was pretty special. I watched some kind of techie show where they studied his dunk and showed calculations proving he didn’t float. It must be a special dunk if techies get involved!

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