• I would suggest if you only find fault with Coach Self, you might want to skip this one:

  • @KUSTEVE Saw this earlier. It’s a puff piece but hey, it’s about KU and Self being awesome so :heart:

  • @BShark I have read every word that Parrish has written in the past 10 years, and this is the best article he has written about us. He normally is anti-KU, or neutral. He’s picked us to not win conference about half the time. Maybe it was the hurricane relief, but this is a considerably softer stance than what I’m used to reading.

  • @KUSTEVE CBS sports in general seems to hate KU especially since Gottieb was there, I’m sure he still is but it’s nice to see a positive article about us in the national media. Usually the east coast team are all that we hear about.

  • I would also put Landen Lucas as projects that turned out better than anyone expected. I’ll never say he was a great player because he’s not, but he went from an awkward big body to the most valuable player KU had the past 2 seasons.

    In 2015-16, we had 4 good to great college players on the floor, but that team still struggled because they didn’t have any kind of post presence. During that time when KU was rotating players, I kept saying Landen was the guy because KU had already had enough scoring. They were lacking rebounding and Landen did that better than anyone on the team.

    Last year after Azubuike gets hurt, Landen is the only reliable post player KU had. So while Landen wasn’t the best player for KU the past 2 years, he was by far the most valuable player because of what he brought to the table in terms of rebounding and also getting under opponents skin. He got a bunch of technicals called because of tge frustration he created in other players and disrupted their games on a regular basis.

  • @kjayhawks Dougie Snotlieb still remembers when he was laughed off the court for having his britches on backwards.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I agree with you 100%. Not only a smart and reliable player but a class individual off the court as well. Currently playing pro-ball in Japan.

  • @KUSTEVE very true, my wife was at that game her junior year at KU.

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