Self calms Jayhawk fears about the FBI.

  • Could the flock of top 100 recruits coming to Kansas be caused by the impending implosions at other schools - IE, Louisville, Arizona, OSU, etc… Hawks have # 2 recruiting class with Dotson and will be # 1 if Zion comes to town.

  • Very different reactions to this than say…um…Cal

  • We would have seen a different reaction from recruiting and coaches an Bill avoiding media if we had anything to be worried about. He continually impresses me more every single day.

  • Self is reaping the reward of maintaining a tight ship. Cal has had nothing in his program. Not a single issue, not even a player problem. He may never get caught and nothing may ever be proven, but I will give him this, he is one smooth, lying, coaching ahole in college bball. The program is too clean with all the successful recruiting classes. UNC has dirt and most other programs. The only program that never gets negative press is UK. The only negative press they had since Cal has been there was Enes Kanter. The program was prohibited from them having Kanter on the bench until his status was cleared. They defied the the NCAA and allowed him where he was not allowed. Then, he was never cleared and found he was in fact in violation of amateur status after being paid in Greece. Hell, Cal moved to the next better big to replace Kanter. This is not envy, this is the appalling crap that happens and UK continues to get away with crap.

    Ok, if the program is within the regs, lets move on. My concern is, if the Feds know little to nothing about the practices of the “basketball world,” whats to stop them from bringing any program up on charges they misunderstand? Maybe they have an agent that is well versed on above board practices? Seriously, how do they know as Self was saying that a lot of stuff happens and most is legal. Who in the hell do they consult? Other coaches? NCAA legal department? NCAA is just as complicit and illegal as the programs themselves. NCAA knows this crap happens, yet they don’t say a word because these programs are their cash cow.

    When the dust settles and this Adidas mess is virtually over, the Feds need to investigate NIKE and Under Armour. I bet the “hush” money is being sent as we speak to UK recruits and parents. I bet they have the shredders working day and night. Calipari will claim “plausible deniability.” They will find nothing on John Calipari.

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    Stumpy after learning of his mess.


    John Calipari learns of the NCAA scandle and the possibility of being investigated soon.

  • 0_1508031096036_upload-d9dffa3f-7337-4a69-81d2-18d8ef4ccb7e I laugh at this because it’s so poetic.

    Ok, it’s time to stop sounding like a lil beeotch.

    Let’s face it, he’s the greatest coach and recruiter to ever coach bball.

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