• KA-BOOM…Stros up 2- zip…World Series, here we come…

  • BShark said:

    I have my broom ready. Get wrecked Yankees.

    LMAO - -I knew there was SOMETHING I liked about you , couldn’t figure out what it was. - -NOW I know - -you a comedian lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • wissox said:

    @jayballer54 I think the Astros are the best team in baseball. Cleveland was only ten games over 500 when they went on their amazing streak. Stros been strong all year. Myself - -I actually think it’s the Dodgers - -hands down they ran away with their division and until a small stretch in the end it was like the Dodgers a professional team playing against a bunch of innermural teams in the rest of the league.

    As for me? - -I’m not tripping cause NOBODY expected for the Yankees to be here , so it’s all house money this year - -every game we win anywhere in the playoff’s is just bonus. - -It’s next year the experts thought we would be back.

    People might as well get used to us returning we are so young. Loaded up and down the line up. - -Ya so they strike out a lot THIS year, but as this goes along going to be more seasoned - -not going to be as much of free swinging.- -When you have Judge having hit 52 hr’s and still striking out like he has - only gonna get better. - -Sanchez only getting better strong , Cannon for a arm. - - - -DD what do I need to say? - actually played better at his position it was brought up - -More HR’s, great defense. - - Byrd, shoot missed 3/4 of the season, in the preseason actually it was him that was tearing the league up, and since he has been back ummm ya.

    The pitching - Tanaka - - Severino, the Bull pen - -ya I’m not tripping this is all Christmas time for me - sitting back and enjoy - -BUT this series isn’t over yet - -Houston is Good but better then the Indians umm maybe not. This is why NY started out having to play at the Indians. -It’s ok though you have to play whoever - -whenever when you get to this point - - one game at a time. - -Plus waiting for the real game to start - - - -COLLEGE BASKETBALL lol - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Yanks played the Indians first because Astros had the best record. That makes the Astros a little better. Don’t get me wrong, both are great teams.

    By the way the Sox are a year or two away. They have the highest rated farm system in baseball, will draft very high again. Some of that young talent came up in the last two months and the Sox played respectably. In addition, the Sox will be one of the strongest free agent bidders in 2019 as they’ll have a very low payroll the next couple of seasons.

    Houston’s very young, but did give some up for Verlander. Detroit got some studs for Verlander and Minnesota arrived in the playoffs a year early in their rebuilding.

    The future in the AL looks very exciting!

  • @wissox Especially in the central, it sounds like. Royals going to be deep in the divisional cellar for a few years. Guess the silver lining might be worst record, even trying their hardest. Couple #1 overalls maybe…

  • @approxinfinity Of course the Royals new car smell championship trophy is still there so Royal fans don’t get much sympathy! But it is amazing how quickly a championship club can become an also ran ready to rebuild.

  • Astros win>>>>>>>>>>> on to Disneyland.


  • Excellent.

  • Go Astros!!!

  • 3-0…woo woo!!!

  • @KUSTEVE 5-0…hubba, hubba…


  • Liriano…ugh…

  • 5-1…

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Now THAT is a great picture!!!


  • HELL YEAH!!! World Series champs!

  • One more time…ASTROS WIN …ASTROS WIN!!!


  • Glad that after my White Sox destroyed the Stros in 2005 that they were able to come back and get one themselves.

  • @wissox We’ll play you again for double or nothing…

  • @KUSTEVE Deal, but give us a couple of years when our own rebuilding project comes to bear fruit. We’ve got the top ranked farm system in the MLB right now. And the Sox will have significant amounts of money to spend on FA’s next year as well. They’ll become a very good team.

  • @wissox Your Chi-Sox will be real good in the future.

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