Oklahoma loses to ISU

  • I, like most Americans, will slow down to see a wreck, watch hockey for the occasional fight, will linger while channel surfing on Jerry Springer to see someone get slapped upside the head, etc.

    So Saturday news of a potential big upset draws eyeballs for the same reason. A million or so fans turn it on and become temporary Cyclone fans hoping to see a big dog go down. Makes us feel better about our own downtrodden team, or if fortune has you being a fan of a good team with New Years Day dreams giddy because a competitor has been eliminated or at least has had their candidacy weakened considerably.

    Which brings us to KU basketball. Because for the last 30 years or so we are that team. If people see a score scroll across the screen that has us losing by ten to TCU, or Oral Roberts, or Richmond, they’ll find the game and watch the hoops equivalent to a car accident.

    It’s a little different in hoops because one misstep doesn’t doom you like OK is probably doomed now. But it does hurt and sting, and fans of lesser teams remind us that we lost to some team that we shouldn’t have lost to.

    The thing is these things happen to all the top programs. It’s what makes this game so darn exciting. It leads ISU to think right now they must be better than OSu because they got walloped by OK also. It gives hope to fans everywhere and also makes us petrified because can become that team in the season to come.

  • @wissox I think OU has had its head up in the clouds since the Ohio State victory, they had Baylor down bye 3 touchdowns and let them come back, then blew a 2 touchdown lead Saturday at home to ISU.

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