Higgins Sues Kentucky Radio Station

  • I don’t care how bad his officiating is, he or his family doesn’t deserve death threats over this. Cal stirred this pot in a postgame press confNeeds to be getting a lot more than 75K IMO.


  • I totally agree. I also think this story shows the difference between blue blood programs… like Kansas versus Kentucky. The fan bases are completely different in terms of character.

    I can’t believe Kansas fans would react on this like the Kentucky fans did. But then… part of it relates to Calipari’s overreaction. Bill would never intentionally motivate fans to become further enraged and out of control over officiating. Calipari really put fuel on this fire.

  • Dang. I’ll probably have to stop complaining every time Mr. Goodhair refs KU games. He’s been getting better the past couple years anyway, IMO.

  • Referees/Umpires/Official suck. High school. College. Pro. Youth. It’s perhaps the worst group (collectively) of folks in any profession I’ve dealt with. Many are self absorbed control freaks that use the sports venue to do something they either don’t get in their regular jobs, or they actually do in their regular jobs (because they gravitate to it – like cops). Many law enforcement folks moonlight as officials. One of the best I know was a deputy sheriff. Many other excellent officials. But good grief, the number of control freaks and folks blessed with sheer incompetence is astounding.

    Higgins is an example of the group I’m referring to. Showboating, all about him – disgusting.

    Venting over.

  • I am surprised he did not get calls from KSU fans saying…F**k KU…😃

  • My brother-in-law is a ref for football and bb… high school and college. College quarterback, started for 3 years at Pitt State (pretty sure he still has the record for longest touchdown pass unless it’s longer than 104 yards). He has a masters degree and is a medical professional. Not a loser or asshole. Loves his real job, but refs because he loves the games.

    Why aren’t more people like @HighEliteMajor reffing?

  • @DanR we have quite a few ex athletes and off season coaches at our school that ref too. No a$$ 🕳’S there either.

  • @DanR Ouch …

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Hey - Hope those Rockies can rock the DBacks right outta da playoffs. Grienke already got his. Buddy Black & Holland are due theirs IMO.

  • @DanR Perrenial vote of confidence? 😂

  • @globaljaybird not looking good.

  • @DanR I will never officiate again. I will never go to the dark side. I umpired parts of 8 summers from age 14-22, and did 4 years of basketball. I heard fellow refs/Umps talk about kids and coaches in ways that would make you never trust one again. That’s partly why I won’t.

    As a coach, I’ve experienced the full gamet of referee/umpire incompetence. Folks that don’t even know the rules. But worse is the attitude toward players, coaches, fans. This attitude is furthered and supported by supervisors who encourage them to “be in control” and “not take any crap.” As a board member for youth sports leagues, I’ve dealt directly with this unfortunate dynamic directly, and with folks who are offended by questions about their knowledge of the rules. I’ve seen firsthand how umpires/officials are directed on how they need to “take control” and not deal with any questioning of their authority.

    And that’s the key with the mentality – their authority. It’s a warped perspective.

    In a high school age baseball game this past summer, an ump threatened to clear out the seats behind the plate if he heard anyone questioning his calls – all this before the game even started. I literally have thousands of examples.

    Talked to the supervisor who told me that he was one of his best umpires. I mentioned what he said, and the supervisor was then indignant — telling me it’s his field and he can do what he wants to.

    That puts it in a nutshell.

    Another example was a high school age summer basketball game. Very overweight, lazy Referee throws out two opposing coaches over his blown call; he engages fans, curses, threatening them. He then gets done with the game, lights his cigarette, is on his phone arguing with his wife, gets in his 1992ish Toyota and drives away to what I’m sure is his pleasant life. And despite his continual issues, supervisors blindly defend him and he continues to ruin games.

    I saw a high school umpire cost a team a state tourney game because, after all of supposed years of experience, he was out of position on the game deciding play at the plate, standing behind the catcher. He single handily ruined a season for a group of kids. Yet he’ll be out there again, ruining games.

    How long has Ted Valentine been ruining CBB games? He’s been defended by a corrupt culture.

    I can hear examples of good officials and such, of the which I have the same examples, but there is an attitude and approach by many – not a minority – that is sickening. A focus on their “authority.” They think they are the show, that it’s their game/field, and it’s their stage to exert control and tell people what to do – instead of just officiating the game. They live in this weird culture where they think their supposed job is so difficult, and no one understands. It’s all promulgated by the culture within the circle of officials and supervisors.

  • @HighEliteMajor Hmmmm, very interesting , very interesting indeed . - - As a former Basketball Official I am so glad that you did say that there are good officials also. - -I officiated Basketball for 18 yrs as a way for me to stay close to the game I love , after I could no longer actually play the game itself for various reasons,

    I find myself having to be careful as to how to respond to some of the things you mentioned in your response. - As for me , I officiated all levels - - - Anywhere from biddy ball - - boys , girls - -to Jr High Basketball games - - Boys , Girls JV - -Varsity - - -Freshman Basketball, - - High School ball Boys Girls - -Junior Varsity - - -Varsity - age Size school range here in Kansas from 1A - -to 6A . As I said I did this to stay close to the game - be able to connect with the players, the Coaches and such - plus the physical advantages it gave me - as staying in shape. - You know an Official runs they say an average of FIVE miles per game.

    Hmmmm , so you think officials like to play the authority huh? Yes I suppose well know there are bad one’s in officiating just as there are bad in just about anything there is in life. – Just like there are Bad Coaches - -with Bad attitudes , that enter a game with a chip on their shoulder towards officials before the first ball is even tossed up, which in turn reflects on his players - -you have a Coach with an attitude towards officials - then you have players that have the approach of - -I do nothing wrong. - -You have bad fans - who think they know every rule and how it pertains to the game of Basketball – just the same way those same Parents are the Nations best Coaches - -from the stands have never lost a game.

    I’ve officiated in small two horse towns to the larger inner city - -urban to suburban – here in Kansas I’ve officiated in Kansas City - - Lawrence - - Topeka - -Wichita - -and a lot and I mean a lot of out lying towns in the State Must not of done to bad -had no problem with ever getting games scheduled - and return dates to same schools multiple times -if I were a bad official that worried about the authority concept I know what of been ask for a return contest. My book was full - -I officiated a game of some kind practically every day of the week. Tournaments - -mid season – Regionals - -Sub state - -State. as you say you were an official too - then you know you got graded - you could get banned -Myself a long time member of the KSHAA.

    You are right in SOME things you mention. - - The game is definitely not about the official, I’m sure you’ve heard or should of heard if a game is officiated well, the Coach - -the players - the fans will hardly even know the official is even there. - An official should never determine the outcome of a game - the players should. - - In our pregame I would ALWAYS tell the Captains before the game in our pregame meetings - - look guys we all know the rules of the game , or we should - -don’t reach - -move your feet , go straight up - -you reach were gonna call it - worked like a charm - these players knew you reach your getting called for it - . - -Like was told to us it was a lot easier to call it earlier in a game then to let it go and then in the last two minutes or whatever try to tighten things up - -you let shit go early then you have problems later. Worked really well they knew what to expect.

    I never threw as you say the authority around - but was good to know that YES it was there, and YES we do have the authority to clear a gym and only have the Coaches and players, - Yes we did have a fan removed for being unruly - -as a matter of fact come to find out - the School banned him for the year - turns out it just wasn’t our crew that had trouble with him - it was every crew - showed up drunk and get verbal with the officials. - The administration told us of this after our game.

    You have bad in anything there is, whether it’s sports and officials t people in business, or just bad people in general. - -What amazes me as I found out myself when I officiated and I’ve told people this , I don’t care as a fan how close you are to the floor at a game - you can be sitting on the front row - think you have the best view of the game - -you have NO IDEA even there how much you miss that’s going on out on the floor with the players unless - - -your actually out on the floor with the players - so many people - so mis informed on the rules - -they have no idea. - -Very interesting out look of the way you look at things towards officials Very interesting indeed.

    I always liked to tell people when they bitched I simple would tell them that the KSHAA was always looking for officials they would be glad for the guys to come down - take the test and then jump in. - - hmmm -very fat official huh? – not me but just saying as I’m 6’1 and 205 but that’s interesting - -if I’m not mistaking isn’t there fat people everywhere and in everything that some like to throw their authority around? - Interesting that you felt the need to throw that up about an official being fat throwing his authority around.

    More then happy to continue to exchange thoughts on this if you like - - I’ve got all day. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’m glad you find it all “very interesting.”

    Officials, by and large, are jacka****. And I wouldn’t compare to the rest of the population. Certain folks gravitate to positions where they can exert authority. Some officials are just jaded by doing it for too long. Many just don’t have the temperament. Some are just doing it to make extra money, and not because they love sports or even care about the kids.

    Many forget that in the youth context, they’re the only ones getting paid. By and large, jack***s.

    And as far as the fat reference, which I guess you’re offended by (whatever … someone’s always offended), that’s to highlight that he shouldn’t even be on the floor. He was way overweight, out of shape, and can’t even get up and down the floor to do his job the right way. You actually see a lot of fat refs that kind of waddle around. It’s a disservice to all involved … except of course the ref, who gets paid regardless of his performance. Not so sure what you found interesting about it. Fat people are limited in what they can do. Harsh reality of fatness.

    We had one fat umpire we called Jaba the Umpire – worked all the time, never once ran anywhere. He couldn’t. Just an absolute affront to the game. And he was one of those “my field” and “I’m the boss” kind of guys. Not a bad ump if you planted him right behind the plate (other than attitude), but he couldn’t do his job in the field. He apparently shined shoes or was a barber or something like that during the day – umpiring was his opportunity to be the boss.

    It’s also comical when you talk about a referee’s view of things. Multiple times over the years I’ve had circumstances where I’ve seen, heard of, or been a part of officials (baseball, basketball, football) being confronted with video — they don’t want to see it. It’s a joke. Not once have I ever seen, heard of, or been a part of an official in any sport saying sure, let me look, and then saying, wow, I had a different view, sorry I missed that.

    I have had officials, mainly baseball, concede later in a game that maybe they missed something. Those are very few, very far between. Why? Because the instruction they receive is to NEVER concede. I’ve been to the clinics. I’ve seen it first hand. To suggest you might be wrong, or might have had an obscured view, or are anything less than 100% correct is a sign of weakness and compromises their authority over the game – that’s close to a quote.

    And remember, when you’re dealing with a drunk fan, YOU are getting paid. And yes, you do have to deal with fan issues if you sign up for the job. Players, coaches, fans have passion. And for each of those three groups, they have invested a lot of time and energy in their endeavor – and they generally pay to play.

  • @HighEliteMajor @jayballer54

    You both make interesting and valid points.

    Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely - Lord Acton

    I believe we have all seen games where power gets to a ref’s head and acts as a dictator rather than a referee and common sense and fairness go out the window.

    The best refereed game is when there is no mention of it in the post-game commentary. Refs should be seen and not talked about.

  • Without getting too deep into a heated debate or anything I will say that I very much agree with @HighEliteMajor that there are jobs that people gravitate too because they are in a position of power. Police in particular are very slow to reprimand their own. Sounds like reffing is similar which does not surprise me. At least with reffing, by and large, it’s less damaging than police mistakes (where innocent people sometimes DIE).

    I say all this about police as someone who literally has never even been arrested or had a serious altercation with police officers.

  • @HighEliteMajor Lmao again very interesting , I find you a very interesting person/ Well you sure sold me I’ll tell ya for sure about things when you showed you maturity level calling an individual " Jaba the Umpire" now tell me was that a word/phrase that took you some time to come up with or did that just roll right off your tongue?

    I’ve got to say you set a fine - -FINE I say example for them right? lol So tell me how old are you again?- -Please take note I’m talking about physical age - -not maturity level as you have showed us you obviously have a lot of room to grow there.

    An much to your dismay I’m not offended by your choice of word " FAT " what so ever -sure the hell doesn’t pertain to me - - -just pleasantly amused you felt the need o bring that up thanks.

    We can all see why you weren’t an official very long - -pretty light scheduling huh - -suck ass to much huh? - -it’s ok we all have our fields - obviously yours wasn’t this.

    As far as dealing with a drunk fan, got to say how quick you are to pick up on the fact we were getting paid thanks for reminding me lmao. I had forget we got paid for doing those games, and your right we did deal with the issue - -ummm only it was the School’s administration that made the decision to ban this guy for the year - -not us - a this was a regular showing of this guys as and making an embarrassment for his son - Class - -total class. - they dealt with it. A far as getting paid no matter how well the performance - -I bet you still got paid no matter how good a job or piss poor job you do at your job from the people you work for right? Well I’m done this really isn’t worth anymore - -once again it’s a forum so your more then entitled to your thoughts and opinions and hope you have a great day. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • This isn’t going anywhere good. Locking it up.

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