The FBI MOLE - Marty Blazer

  • Dude’s been traced funneling money all the way back to the UNC FB teams of the mid 2000’s & been under investigation for years. Small time crook is poised to bring down, not just the house, but the entire flippin mansion of CBB & maybe even some CFB along with it. .

  • Something tells me the mid majors probably can’t wait for the next, umm, shoe to fall … Think about it … Parity may be coming at last & the OAD conundrum may soon be over. CBB has been the NBA’s free minor league far too long IMO. If they want em that young, then do what we had to do damnit-Rub em on da butt every day & raise em up yourself.

  • @globaljaybird I’m perfectly fine with the OAD rule going bye bye, give me 90s CBB.

  • @globaljaybird

    “North Carolina investigators had an inkling two years ago that the feds were nosing around a financial adviser tangled up in their UNC-Chapel Hill athlete tampering case…”

    Makes you wonder how busy these NC investigators are working on this case. I wonder how many are UNC grads?

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