• Could someone please tell me why KU could not offer Nick Sabian (too lazy to sp check) a max contract similar to Wiggins or a “nba nfl player”? Why couldnt they pony up 20 mil a year to land someone that would put KU on the map or a destination for football recruits? Doing so would pay for its self and put KU in a position to start their own network similar to the longhorn network AND put them in a position to be PRIMETIME every single event and demand more money from NIKE ESPN CBS NBC you name it! I just dont get it?

  • Saban isn’t leaving Alabama. He will retire a god there.

  • Les Miles? I hear he’s having a little trouble in the booth

  • Never going to happen. Texas couldn’t lure Saban away and they would’ve paid him whatever he wanted.

    Les Miles also might be the worst game manager of the past 20 years. His play style would also never work at KU because it’s a pro style offense and we know how well that’ll work here.

    KU football will never attract a successful big name coach and most young coaches trying to make a name for themselves would view KU as a stepping stone job unless they have strong KU ties like Beaty does.

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