So... who gets fired first?

  • Let’s meet our contestants for another episode of who gets fired first from Kansas football. First up is athletics director Sheahon Zenger. Zenger has been at Kansas since 2011 and has made some foolish decisions regarding the football program and really hasnt done a whole lot of for the university outside of Rock Chalk Park. Next up is head coach David Beaty who in his in third season still can’t seem to build any momentum after apparently a fluke win vs Texas, he can recruit but he can’t develop players. Our final contestant is a KU guy threw and threw but as worn out his welcome Clint Bowen! Clints defense hasn’t seemed to really improve much overall, hell he took the one of the b12s best defenses in 07 with 8 returning starters to one of the worst in 08, if you look up the numbers he really has stank up the place. My vote is Bowen he has been given too many chances, yes our pass defense was good last year but how much of it was our run d was bad people just ran it more? Overall defense has been in the 100s just about every year he’s been here. He has to be demoted of fired at seasons end or story.

  • Zenger isn’t going anywhere. I think Bill like him and if Bill likes you, you stay.

    I do however think that an outside search committee should be responsible for our next hire. Zenger shouldn’t be able to pick another football coach. But he definitely isn’t going anywhere with the new football stadium renovations and other projects going on. That is one hell of a task to ask someone to come in and finish halfway through.

    I do not think Beaty is going anywhere at the moment. The job is still a terrible job. And he looks like he is getting the talent in here. Eventually, that talent will push us up to 4 or 5 wins, 3 or 4 years of mediocre 4-5 win seasons will end his tenure. But the job will actually be one that a decent coach would be willing to take it over. We will have to ride out DB for the next 4 or 5 years no matter what I think… Well unless he puts together another 1 win season next year.

    Bowen though, has about 1 more week. A bad loss to Ohio and another poor defensive performance means he is as good as gone. He has to be. We have a good enough D-Line that we should at least be able to control the line of scrimmage and rush the passer well enough to force turnovers. Neither of those things happened last week.

    I do think that Meacham looks like a clear upgrade as an OC compared to Beaty so his job should be safe.

    Do we think that Bender could be “fired?” His job is on the line this week. Even though I think he gives us the best shot to win… Although I would like to see what Starks could do out there. He could be one of those guys that’s a “gamer.”

  • Just to put in perspective how shitty of a job it is to play QB for university of Kansas, Montell Cozart had to play last week because of an injury. He threw 2 TDs and 1 INT for 161 yards on 7.2 yards per attempt. He also ran for his highest total ever against an FBS opponent. If you put up an O-Line and have some talent, even a crap QB like Cozart can look pretty darn good.

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