BIRGers here?

  • Approx. I would find it interesting to know the number of daily posts for each of the last thirty days to determine the following:

    How many posts on a typical day during basketball season?

    How many posts on the day before a game? preceding wins and losses

    How many posts the day after a win or the day after a loss?

    I know I don’t read as much or post as much the day following a loss. I was curios if there are a bunch of fellow BIRGers (Basking In the Reflective Glory) here as well. I don’t mean to be I just get too into the games. I try to not get too up following wins (NC aside) and too down following losses, but it’s hard to care and not be down following a loss. I just don’t let it ruin my day, usually through various avoidance tactics.

  • @dylans my whole week is ruined since Monday pm! Maybe longer.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I know, I try to put on a good front, but I die inside a little after each loss. The next game can’t come soon enough.

  • Not that I am the norm, but when we shine I am floating on air, I am likely to post.

    When we are our worst enemy and just suck, I am very likely to post.

    And when I see dirty play, and/or very poor officiating either way, I am likely to post.

    And when a post by Jaybate, HEM, Dragon, and Globsl among others post something special as they often do, I am tempted, but don’t always post.

    Great start to a thread Dylan’s.

    I get to make the 800 mile trip north to AFH for a rare visit on Saturday. No doubt I’ll be moved to post after that.


  • @dylans Not sure, statistically. I don’t really data mine the database, though we could. It’s an interesting question. The data would be skewed though, because we have been inconsistent about when we post a post-game round up… I think when that post is immediate after the game, or when a good thread is posted about the game right after it, I think that has the potential to cause a lot more action here.

  • 736 posts?

    I’d say I have an addiction issue!

    Trust me, folks. I do have a life. It’s right here! 😉

  • @approxinfinity True, post times would need to be accounted for. And there are definite hot button topics like Smarts flopping, Wiggins signing would’ve been huge and Embiids health of late.

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