What a weekend in Lawrence

  • Big weekend for Kansas athletics as the football team won Saturday over SEMO and inducted Tailb and Collins in to the ring of honor. Then the Kansas soccer team upset the 7th ranked and defending National champs USC. The wins didnt stop there as the Kansas volleyball team continued its hot start by beating the 13th ranked Mildcats of Kentucky. ROCK CHALK my friends.

  • @kjayhawks that’s awesome!

  • Mad Dog and the Payne Train were awesome against Kentucky.

  • @wrwlumpy revenge game sat pm.

  • While being blessed to be a KU fan any time, no matter when, what a GREAT TIME it is being a KU fan right now for sure.

    As has been mentioned, Our Basketball as we all know is one of the true blue bloods of the sport and has been for quite sometime now, Our Soccer team doing well the last couple of years - -starting off great this year at 5-1 and just got through beating the # 7 ranked Soccer team in the Nation USC - -& Our ladies Volleyball team rollin right along ranked # 7 in the Nation and like 7-0 looks like another great season on the way - - - just got through beating # 13 ranked Kentucky last night -swept them Our Men & Women’s Track teams have had pretty decent success lately.

    Oh and ummm how about a game of Badminton anyone? - -Or twiddly winks? - -We at starting to own Kentucky in WHATEVER we play them in, - - We beat them with our Basketball - We beat them here at Allen - - -We beat them at the so Called unbeatable arena with their awesome fans - - -Now we are Beating their ass in Volleyball - - what’s next? - - -Plus I see better things coming for our Football team - -Ahhhh yes, life is good, with the Crimson & Blue - -this pleases me - -this pleases me very much lol & umm ya as always - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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