Another reason to hate ESPN

  • Apparently ESPN had a 30-30 in the works for Nebraska football in the 90’s. They decided not to finish it, even though it had apparently been started already.

    I liked Nebraska as a kid in New Jersey. Kept liking them through the 90’s. Always an entertaining and powerful team from a state that shouldn’t produce great teams.

    I’m sure ESPN’s awful coastal bias came into play here. A lot of comments on the story where I saw it were coastal fans who said things like no one cares about Nebraska football. But they were a national team for a long time. It’s a shame.

  • That sucks I would’ve watch it. I honestly like most of them but I’d have to agree that a high number of the films are east coast. Glad we got our for sure, I honestly think they should give Snyder from KSU one.

  • F Nebraska and their wonderful fans (@wissox not included in that statement) I’d love to find the wonderful nu fan who sucker punched me after Nebraska beat ku in Lawrence. I think it’d be fun to visit him at his job in McDonald’s.

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