• Help Houston!

    Remember New Orleans.


    Getting natural disaster fatigue.

    Getting a little tired of the tragedy of flood and wild fire reality theater.

    Floods happen.

    Insurance encourages persons to buy where floods happen.

    Why can’t insurance be written that requires stilts in flood zones?

    Or requires houses that float up on moorings.

    Battery back ups anyone? Generators?

    Dingies for every house?

    And drinking water purifiers?

    And some MRATS?

    All stored on roofs.

    How about everyone has to have one serviceable boat car with a full tank of gas to live in a flood zone? Everyone loves boat cars!

    And repurpose these staffed FEMA COG concentration camps for homeless flood victims instead of mass imprisonments. Plant flowers and turn them into RV camps to help pay for themselves between NDs (natural disasters).

    Wild Fires happen, too.

    In predictable regions.

    Insurance should require houses that don’t burn. It’s called concrete. Or even just fire proof fabric on steel frames. Marines make uniforms out of the stuff. Baby swaddling cloths should be FROG MARPAT. Kinky bustiers out of FROG MULTI-CAM.

    Not. Rocket. Science.

    NDs could become safe and fun.

    Let’s learn from the past.

    But then what would the economies of these regions do without every 5-10 year MASSIVE infusions of capital from the non fire and non flood prone regions?

    God keeps repeating his “acts of.”

    He wants us to learn.

    P.S.: I care. I have been in floods and fires and been terrified. Help now. But learn now, too.

  • One area near us (in Baton Rouge) last year won a years long fight to end the requirement to have flood insurance. Most people in the area stopped paying their premiums several months before BR’s huge rain event. Meant a huge difference in payouts. Non flood insured got a flat rate not exceeding 32,000. Those with the insurance basically recovered everything. Huge difference.

    Floods are a different beast than many other acts of God. Forest fires in California generally are in the hills and mountains. Wealthier people suffer. Landslides in Cali generally in the hills and mountains. Wealthier people suffer. Hurricanes hit coasts with million dollar beachfront homes or setback r homes of the wealthier. Again, they suffer loss. Floods however by logic strike lower areas. In many cities this is the poorer parts of town. Poorer people suffer. But Houston, and BR last year are different altogether, that much rain, just can’t keep it out of the streets, homes, businesses and schools.

  • @jaybate-1.0 What you just said makes soooo much sense that it’ll never happen. Humans aren’t capable of thinking like that. Singular? yes. A group, a town, a city, the government? No way in hell.
    But, I’m down for having a house on stilts in a flood plain, the whole boat and clothes thing too! Makes perfect effing sense to me.

    Excellent post. Thanks.

  • @wissox Dude, 1,000 year flood! Almost 5 Feet of rain! Its staggering. Bet it happens again too… in 10-15 years.

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