Rest for Joel


    Rest him now get him healthy for the stretch run, and is a 1 seed everything? I’ll take a two seed and a rested Joel for the tournament run, over a slowed and hobbled Joel and a 1 seed any day.

    I just hope that all the players support him and work hard to represent him in his absence. lIke being eligible to play night after night and not getting T’d up.

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  • @JRyman For this squad to maintain and finish Big 12 lead w/o JoJo healthy and available, all other players must immediately dot all Is and cross all Ts. Absolutely no more offcourt “irresponsibilities” or dumb technicals to cost the Jayhawks ample opportunities to win the league title and progress as a national force while Embiid is recovering. His presence looms ominous for at least 4 of the 6 NCAA games we hope to view. Probably all 6 games…

  • A very tough break for Joel, but a big chance for the team to close ranks and do what Self teams are famous for–find a way to “getter done.” No ring came without injury bumps. Rush missed a third of a season.

  • @JRyman

    I agree… forget the #1 seed… 2 or 3 is fine. I doubt we can still land it anyways.

    These situations often help teams get stronger. Now the rest of the guys can’t fall back on Joel… especially on defense.

    We all saw how bad our defense played on the Kitties. Pick and rolls in the post… over and over again.

    This team needs to get tougher… and their best shot at doing that is without Joel. Then, hopefully, he can return to a team where he is icing on the cake, instead of being the entire cake himself.

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