ROYALS vs Cards game 1

  • Well Ned once again you’re late to the dance. Hammer should’ve been gone as soon as he hit the batter. I’m sure Ned has the stats the talking heads showed us on opposing team BA once Hammer goes past 70 some pitches. Well horse :poop: , let’s throw this one away too. When’s CBB start?

  • Should’ve been 3

  • @brooksmd Cain is on 🔥🔥

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Melky a sucker fr high (ball four) fast ball ⚾️ Me too when I was a kid … 🐐

  • Lay down and die?

  • Have to say that GS wasn’t unexpected. I’ve seen enough for tonite. ttfn, gn…

  • This bullpen has henceforth been exposed. Molina flat ass owns KC. O & D both ! Even if we still had HDH we would have to get far enough to get to them. Moyland, Minor & Alexander can’t make it up that far. Felix & the other retreads won’t either. DM really missed the cut on this one . Being waaaaaay too thrifty for Mr Glass IMO September 1st we may be in full unload mode-While I will be saddened I won’t be the least bit surprised. 6 with Cleveland later this month will seal our fate

  • Royals have not given up even if we have… tying run at 3rd withLoCain at the plate.

  • @globaljaybird come on Cain!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Since SALVY has been on the DL team has gone to complete & total 💩💩💩 !! Ned’s poor decisions now show up like turkey 🦃 poop 💩 on the end gate rod. He literally was a laughing 😂 stock before 2014. He used to deny he was Ned Yost, manager of the Royals, at local ⭐️ bucks & gave a Joe Smith (Alexa Jo Mama) alias when other customers would question his prevy day decisions.l so he wouldn’t have to talk with them at the time .

  • My wife (Royals fan) was visiting her mother in Missouri (her mom is a Cardinals fan, along with her two brothers, two sisters, nieces nephews etc.) during the four-game stretch. They’re all Mizzou fans too. I grew up in Illinois, so I’ve been a Cubs fan for half my life and followed the Royals for the other half (my AL team) when we moved to Lawrence in 1990.

    So after four days of watching games with my mother-in-law, my wife FINALLY understands what I’ve been telling her about Cardinal fans for the past 30 years – sore losers, but even more insufferable winners.

  • @DanR did you know all that before you dated her? 🤣Must be love! Holidays would be tough! Saw on the news those kids climbing on the wires on the Golden Gate Bridge. Cheaper than Hawaii, plus fines though.

  • Sisters in Blue on a mission from God. Funny bunch.

  • @brooksmd been outside, what??

  • @brooksmd KABOOM 💥MOOSE ON DA LOOSE #2 tonight!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @globaljaybird No, been watching. Not sure why, but been watching. Don’t hold much hope here in 9th but I’ll stick it out. The 2 dingers by Moose the only high points. Nothing from rest including pitching staff. Start a petition to fire Ned.

  • Might as well start dumping the FA’s and move all the minor leaguers up one level.

  • @brooksmd saaaad situation!

  • ttfn…gn

  • I hope Yost retires after the season as Dayton will not fire him, he is below average.

  • @AsadZ

    You really think that a manager that has made the Royals (a team with average talent at best) relevant again and has taken the team to two world series winning one of them is below average?

  • @JayHawkFanToo do you really think the Royals have had average talent at best the last few years? I am not following them closely enough to be sure, but it seems like a team that has stockpiled prospects for a decade should have better than average talent.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Hoz, Moose, Salvy, Cain, Gordon, Duffy, Davis, are all above average, I can name a few others

  • @approxinfinity

    If you look at the payroll it is about in the middle. Yes, it has done a great job developing talent but it has also lost players that it should have kept; Wade Davis. come to mind.

    For the talent and payroll it has, the Royals have overachieved, wouldn’t you agree?

    People seem to be like yo yos when it comes to the Royals. They were way up when the team put together a winning streak and now they are in the dumps when they are on a losing streak. The baseball season is like a marathon not a 100 meter dash. Whats was the predicted finish for the Royals and where are they now?

  • @AsadZ

    Every team has several players that are “above average” but that will not get you very far. How many of the Royals, other that Salvy (injured) and Moose (this year) and maybe Hoz and Duffy are really elite or close to it? Wade Davis was elite but he is no longer with the Royals, right?

    For the personnel the Royals have, most people will agree they have performed at the very least as expected or even overachieved; I believe they have indeed overachieved.

  • Bummer😉

  • @approxinfinity Ned poorly managing the pitching!

  • El toro ole! Finally!

  • @JayHawkFanToo I was referring to above average and not Elite players as were you in the earlier post and both will agree that Royals had several above average players. In addition I was talking about the past, back to back world series, that you had mentioned in your post, and not this year. That is why I had included Davis. We had a dynamite bullpen, HDH, going into 7th with a lead would be an automatic win, Yost did not have to do much. Fact of the matter is that Ned is a below average manager.

  • @AsadZ Well, since it is a fact I guess there is no room for my opinion here, even though my opinion is the correct one. :smile:

  • @AsadZ

    If Yost is a below average manager then why is he generally ranked in the top 10? Athlon has him at #9, Sporting News #8, the Boston Globe #8…if he were below average, wouldn’t he ranked in the 20s and not in the top third of the League?

    If not for all the injuries the Royals could have done better las season. While he makes the decisions on the field, do you really think he has the last word on who they keep, get or let go? I think not, otherwise we would still have the bullpen that you and I mentioned; remember…Wader, check please…?

    Yost rebuilt the Royals and won 2 AL pennants and 1 World Series and turned the Royals, who were a door mat for close to 30 years, into not just a winning team but a contender. It takes an above average manager to do this, wouldn’t you agree?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Yost’s greatest criticism came between 2010 and 2013 when he played the young guys despite miserable results, letting them learn how to win. He was roundly denounced in Milwaukee for the same thing, and fired before they came back to make the playoffs.

    That stubbornness paid off for the Royals in 2014-15. Unfortunately, he has been saddled with some crappy contracts like Gordon’s and Soria’s, where the investments have resulted in disproportionate PT preventing timely development of some outfielders (Boni) and pitchers (Junis doing the yo yo thing). Those contracts also resulted in dismantling HDH when injuries struck instead of allowing the Royals to persevere with the bullpen formula that made the team unique (a formula developed by Yost’s own unique experiments).

    The team has lost its sense of stability during the past 18 months. Perez being out has prevented the single most clutch player at the heart of the Royals (most since Brett, in fact) from being able to lead by example and from calming down the walk and WP happy pitchers during the recent slump.

    Yost isn’t responsible for the poor performances dragging the team down. What he is responsible for, however, is letting pitchers who are clearly out of sorts stay in after walking the bases loaded, throwing wild pitches with runners on, or throwing 9 straight 91 mph fastballs until someone manages to blast one.

    I love Yost, and I think he is a great manager for developing young players who are learning to jell. Whether he is able to manage a shifting roster is the test of this season.

  • @mayjay

    The Royals were project to finish 4th in the division and between 18 and 21 overall in the pre-season rankings, see here and here.

    They sit now in third place in the Division and only 1/2 game from 2nd, 4th in the AL and 14 overall. So far, they are well ahead of the prediction. Not bad for a below average manager.

  • @JayHawkFanToo People blamed Yost for the bad start, didn’t give him credit for the recovery, and now start relighting the torches after the current problems. Nothing new here.

    Similar to certain fans feelings about Self, but those big slumps haven’t hapened for 13 years running now. As unprecedented as that is, now they decide he can’t coach well in the Elite 8.

    All managers and coaches are afterthoughts following the best performances of their teams, but fans decide they are worse than, and are the direct cause of, their teams’ bad losses.

  • Several games were lost this year because Ned was slow to change pitchers when it was obvious a change was needed. When a pitcher hits the 90 pitch mark, walks a lead off hitter and hits the next one, he should already have a reliever warmed up.

  • @mayjay Sorry I misspoke. By no means it is a fact. It is only my opinion based on my observations and how I view the performance.

    You certainly have a right to have your own opinion which could be different than mine.

  • Ned guessed right last pm leaving junis in after loading the bases and hitting 2 batters! I was dying! Pretty sure @brooksmd Was too!

  • @AsadZ Just teasing! You can see I went ahead and gave my own purely objective unquestionably factual unerring opinion!

  • How crucial is this up coming series against Indians, I’d love to see royals sweep them in front of home crowd

  • @AsadZ huge! My sons are going sat, hopefully they see a win and moose break the hr record!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That’s awesome

  • With 3/4 of the season done, a good showing against Cleveland might set the tone for the rest of the season. 9 of the next 12 games are at home and the 3 road games are at Cleveland. The Royals are only half a game off a wild card spot and going , say 4-2, against Cleveland would place them in a good place for the final stretch and a playoff spot. The last 3 games against Cleveland are in September and on the road.

  • @AsadZ Disregarding a WC spot, best case scenario 2.5 games behind Clev. Worse case 8.5 behind, out of the Central race and struggling to get a WC spot.

  • @brooksmd Last night a bummer, hope Royals can win next two games that will put them 4.5 back. Indians have been really hot and they must cool down, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • @AsadZ Hate to sound like a fair-weather fan, but I think we can put a wrap on this season. These guys don’t even deserve a WC spot. Only 1 run in 18 innings in your own park while giving up 15. Going back to the 2 Cards games at home it’s 36-7 in their last 4 home games. Not worthy of a playoff spot. Only thing left to follow this season is when and by how much Moose sets a new team hr record. When’s Late Night?

  • @brooksmd This year’s team is extremely inconsistent, when they get hot they sizzle and when they are cold they go on long tough losses. They are unable to put complete games together -pitching/hitting/defense. When pitching is good offense gets cold and vice versa.

    Winning the div is extremely difficult but I am hoping that they can somehow squeeze into the WC spot, return of Salvy will help.

  • @brooksmd I think by definition any team that gets a wild card spot pretty much deserves it. There might not be much hope they could do much with it, but who knows?

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