Throwback Thursday

  • Last week was the big streak ending against Nebraska, I kept it going here with the 11 game ksu losing streak snapped here. I remember this day very very well. We had worked all day on my buddies farm just outside of Roxbury, KS (look up this little town if you’ve never heard of it) no cable out there so we grilled and listened to the game while enjoying a few cold ones that i wasn’t old enough to drink lol. Surprisingly of all of us there was only one KSU fan, on a farm deep (there are a few KU farmers lol) in KSU country no less. It was a back and fourth contest, I remember going nuts once it went final.

  • Great win. Thanks for the post. I still really like the darker blue jerseys. Great to see favorite players of the past like Simmons and Randle. RCJHF

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