Well this sucks

  • Just read off the LJW, that LaQuviante Gonzalez has been dismissed from the KU football team for - - - -unspecified team rules - -WTH?

    2nd leading receiver last yr. Says Coach wasn’t available for comment but more likely then not will address it Tuesday at a scheduled regular conference - – DAMM - - JAYHAWK FOR LIFE

  • @jayballer54 yes it does!

  • Ya really odd timing, the players officially start camp tomorrow and exactly what the football didn’t need going into year 3 of Beaty era. On top of that a huge huge loss in terms of production and losing one of, if not our fastest player. Speculating is bad as we all learned from Braggs deals but as close as Quv was with Coach Beaty, I’d say its something very serious. Here is the Link http://www2.kusports.com/news/2017/jul/30/receiver-laquvionte-gonzalez-dismissed-ku-football/

  • I don’t think this is the loss it could have been. Quiv’s name was barely mentioned this off-season when discussing receivers which leads me to believe he wasn’t progressing much. I’ve also heard rumors about Quiv being a bit of problem child which isn’t surprising considering the culture he came from at Texas A&M.

    KU has plenty of depth at WR to deal with this situation and Schadler should step right into Quiv’s projected spot in the line up.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Very true, I think WR is our deepest position group, but if he could’ve learned to secure the ball more often he would be a good threat on special teams. Just hate to see players not be smart enough to keep outta trouble. Sadly a buddy and I had a conversation about the Randle boys the other day, John who was at KU for 2 years before being arrested several times and dismissed from the team and Joseph who was gonna be the Dallas cowboys starter before getting in several battles with the law.

  • @kjayhawks Wow, I didn’t remember that.- -I’ll turn 63 in two days, and I’ve been following KU sine I was like 9-10 lol . - -I remember John Randle but just didn’t remember him getting kicked off the team. Now I’m not saying by far it didn’t happen, I’m just getting old lol, memory fading -it’s old age lol - -That would be in the Teddy era right? - - -What was it he got kicked off for? - He was a decent player. that’s been many moons ago lol - -man why Can’t I remember that? -That’s ok actually until you mentioned his name, I had even forgotten about him playing at KU - -Old age is the pits lol - - -JAYHAWK FOR LIFE

  • @jayballer54 That was the Mangino era in 05. I remember him having a big game against KSU the year before, but he had really been given too many chances already with his last arrest in march 05 his 4th in a year and a half. He transferred to SIU for his senior after sitting out a year while still going to KU and thats the last I heard of him, don’t believe he played a down for SIU. Joseph his brother was a star at Ok State from 10-12 and was drafted bye Dallas. He was the #1 RB going in to training camp for his 2nd year as a pro with Demarco Murry being traded before being arrested for stealing clothes and cologne from Dillard’s all while making millions. Then Joseph was arrested several more times in the following months down in Wichita, which is where they both are from. Here is a link on John http://www2.kusports.com/news/2005/mar/15/ku_back_randle/ Its’s disappointing for me because I had to work my ass off to just to be an average HS player when I played sports, these guys are lucky enough to have quite of bit of god given talent and piss away a free education along with millions they could’ve made as a pro.

  • KU football was created to keep KU basketball fans from hubris.

  • @jaybate-1.0 KU football is older than KU basketball. KU football started in 1890 and KU basketball started in 1898.

  • @kjayhawks Told you I was getting dd. - -getting my sports confused. - -I was thinking about Mark Randal off the basketball team lol. - -That’s why I couldn’t remember him getting in trouble - -different sport. - -I’ll be all right - -just need to take more naps lol. - -JAYHAWK FOR LIFE

  • @Texas-Hawk-10


    I’m curious about you explanation why KU BRAIN DAMAGE BALL has been such an exercise in futility for even longer than KU basketball has been great?

    Naismith was supposedly fond of football, and played it well, even though I recall he thought track and field was the greatest of the sports.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I would say the reason why KU football has been a historically mediocre program is the same reason KU basketball has been a historically great program. In the early years of college athletics, coaches didn’t usually stay for more than a year or two before moving to another job. A lot of the historic blue bloods of today were the programs that were fortunate enough to have a coach stay for a long time in the early years of their program.

    KU football never got lucky enough to have a coach stay long term in the early years. KU did have an all time football coaching great pass through for a year. Fielding Yost who is reponsible for Michigan football coached at KU for a year and had KU been the place he settled down at instead of Michigan, KU may very well have Michigan’s history in football. The one coach who stayed 6 years in the early years, Burt Kennedy, is still KU’s all time leader in coaching wins at 52. Had he stayed at KU for 20-25 years instead of bouncing around KU, Washburn, and Haskell, and not retired to practice dentistry, then who knows where KU football is at today. The man went 52-9-4 in 6 seasons, so he knew what he was doing.

    With KU basketball, KU was lucky to have Phog Allen be the successor to Naismith because he brought a stability to the program that was very rare in those days. Had the basketball gone through as many coaches early on as the football program did, it’s highly unlikely KU basketball is the blue blood that it is today.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Why were there so many coaching changes in football?

    What was it that made KU leadership unable to recognize what they had in Kennedy, or Yost?

    Why was KU able to find continuity in track and basketball, but not football?

    KU was among the early public universities to build a large football/track stadium, whereas KU waited half a century to build a big arena for basketball. Did the discontent over what many called Phog’s Folly–the building of Memorial Stadium–lead to distrust and fragmented support of football? If so, why didn’t the same happen to track? And was basketball better off being forced to live within its means for so long?

    It’s a fascinating issue.

    The Big Ten conference football schools were not rocked by the Populist Party movement the way Oklahoma and Kansas were.

    I’ve wondered if if the brutal crack down on Populism in Kansas had some effect, but Oklahoma football has prospered.

    Still, the states of Oklahoma and Kansas were constituted differently, and Kansas was the rail hub and OKLAHOMA was not, so the crack down was done differently in each state. Oklahoma was a company state created by the Mellons to pump oil in a quid pro quo for leaving Texas to the Rockefellers and Brits. Thus in Oklahoma it was the Mellons vs the Populists with the Mellons holding all the cards. But Kansas had a more complex legacy from the complexity of its birth, and Kansas was the rail hub. Populists got greater control of Kansas, and Kansas being the rail hub of the nation, the crack down had to be both more severe and no local autonomy of institutions could be permitted. In modern words, Kansas had to be destabilized and convulsed to make sure it never again became independent of the military and railroads and private oligarchy of that time, when USA was migrated to an imperial empire with the Spanish-American War of 1898. The states of that era that formed the Big Ten and that became football powers, nor the state of Oklahoma, that produced many great football programs, were never convulsed and subjugated as Kansas was.

    Did football require a more sovereign, cohesive and affluent local oligarchy than Kansas possessed at that time to build sustained success in what was a vastly more expensive sport to be successful at than basketball?

    It’s conspicuous that Neither KU , nor KSU ever produced a great football program until the modern era with Bill Snyder. It was like there was something lacking in Kansas high school sports and in Kansas’ two university’s commitment to the capital intensive sport of football. KSU never got a modern stadium till the late 1960s. KU built one early but it became a controversial white elephant for several decades.

    Is it just luck of the draw on coaching hires, or something rooted in culture and history? Kansas flourshed and picked and held the right coaches in a low overhead sport, but not in a high overhead one.

    Interesting subject.

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