Bagley reclassifying

  • He has filed for reclassification, per cbs sports. I think he is probably going to Duke, but he would get all the pt he would like here.

  • It would certainly help us with a legit 3rd big

  • My hunch is that Bags wanted no part of head-to-head against our fully seasoned, mid major graduate transfer from Bill and Mare. But when he left, Bags said, well, no maybe I might have a chance! My hunch is Bags is en route to Lawrence as I type. The whole Duke thing is a distraction play patterned off Scaramucci distracting from the reputed Awan arrest. :-)

  • @jaybate-1.0 man I hope you’re right! We are in real need of another solid post man.

  • @HawkChamp

    I don’t want to fly under false colors. I was kidding around and have no clear idea of what may unfolding.

    But we can hope!!

  • I read that a Big (footer) has left Western KY. Don’t know much about him. Could he of help, someone KU should pursue?

  • @AsadZ I believe since he’s enrolled he’s now considered a transfer which means he will ha to sit out a year

  • @AsadZ @SkinnyKansasDude This issue is being discussed on pp 22-23 of the 2018 recruiting thread. I posted the NCAA guidance over there.

    I think he could transfer without sitting out if and only if he was not enrolled in a summer term and was present on campus on the first day of classes (regardless of whether his own classes started that day).

    I think we don’t know yet.

    Edit: He attended classes for 2 wks of summer school. See other thread.

  • jSPN fake sports news service…

    Dateline: Somewhere in Central America…

    jSPN stringers in Central America have virtually penetrated the holographic compound of software magnate John McAfee and have learned that he virtually commented to a fake sports writer on his impenetrably encrypted cell phone (the one McAfee announced May 17th, 2017) that he has learned exactly where Bags will sign, and that McAfee was as a result attacked at Freedom Fest by the Deep State for keeping knowledge of Bags destination impenetrably encrypted and so beyond the reach of the Deep State. jSPN stringers also say that chemtrails consisting of the usual aluminum oxide and barium cocktail mix were sprayed and excited with directed energy to create the holographic illusion of McAfee stumbling and falling with no one around. In fact, Melissa McCarthy in Sean Spicer drag was recruited by the Deep State to run over McAfee in her mobile powered lectern and escaped without notice. jSPN stringers are continuing to investigate a lead that suggests the existence of an Alt-Deep State masterminding the illusion.

    (Note: All fiction. No malice.)

  • AsadZ said:

    I read that a Big (footer)…

    Are you referring here to a seven footer, or a Sasquatch, or both?

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • @AsadZ

    Thanks for the link!

  • Him picking Puke isn’t shocking. Everyone had him as all but there already. Now becomes the interesting part of him being cleared to play this season. I would bet he plays because it’s Puke. You hear about east coast guys getting waivers and cleared all the time but seldom east of the Mississippi.

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