Anyone watch last chance U on netflix?

  • The new season of Last Chance U was recently released on netflix and I enjoy watching the show which cover the season of East Mississippi community college, two Kansas commits were on the show. Peyton Bender and Octavius Matthews who played for the opposing team Itawamba CC in episode 3. Kinda was cool to see some game film on them basically, they came up just short losing 44-42 but they both had several Tds, anyhow just something fun to talk about.

  • I watched the entire second season last weekend because I cancelled Neflix. But, I wasn’t astute enough to pay attention to the opponents of the East Mississippi team. I still can’t believe Buddy Stephens hasn’t been fired for his lack of emotional intelligence dealing with the players, staff and refs. The way he picks fights with his assistant coaches and players during games shows he isn’t capable of being an effective head coach. I did enjoy the way the program focuses on several players and follows them throughout the season. The final credits showing that many of the staff left the program shows how difficult it is to work with an emotionally unstable person.

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