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  • Well, just read where Tyler Self is going to work for the San Antonio Spurs. - - This may very well cause some Concern down the road, think this is the ONE NBA job we need to be leery of with Coach.

    I have stated in the past I didn’t feel Coach would go anywhere including San Antonio, now - - maybe not so much. With Tyler being with the organization in some capacity - -when pops retires and I think that’s coming fairly soon, but when he retires, some have indicated that this is where Coach would leave for, I never thought that but now - - -I can’t say that for sure.

    With Tyler being there and With RC as the GM and being close friends and when Pops retires, it may be just enough for Coach to say he wants to try his hand at the Pro level - -sure hope not BUT, we all know San Antonio will come calling throw Coach a pretty tasty bone to see if there is any interest. Add that all up and I think we better be prepared, I think this will happen in the next couple of years Pops isn’t lasting much longer before he retires - - WATCH OUT - - - JAYHAWK FOR LIFE

  • @jayballer54 More likely, he just got the job from the connection. Not a foot in the door for the Selves as a friendly takeover.

  • Banned

    I just don’t see Self leaving. Sure anybody wants to try their hand at being the best at what they do. An NBA job could be enticing for Coach. Yet he and his lovely wife would have to way the options. Not sure an NBA job could entice Coach. Other than the star and some radio hosts in the KC area he’s King. Very few employees that when they speak their bosses listen. Everybody listens when Coach speaks.

  • The part were Tyler says that this opportunity gives him a chance to do something out from under his dads shadow makes me think dad isn’t planning on going there, at least anytime soon. Going to a college team would have ended up with constant comparisons between the two, smart move on Tyler’s part to go to the pros for that if nothing else.

  • Tyler’s degree is in Sports Management and he is just moving on in his chosen field.

  • Glad to hear Tyler got this wonderful opportunity!!!

  • Great for Tyler and Lauren (sister) is also a current Texas resident (Dallas area). Hopefully, that’s enough family in one State.

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