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  • Hey Buckets friends, I was sitting here in the shade with the ole dog days of summer here for most of the midwest, an idea jumped in my head. I was thinking about starting a blog or some sort of deal with weekly pod casts or articles about the Big 12 and KU. Who here thinks it would be a good idea and or would be interested in viewing or reading such a thing. Should I start a twitter and or youtube page? Just curious for some opinions thank you in advance.

  • @kjayhawks

    I won’t address delivery/presentation format, but I have long thought something like JAYHAWK DIGEST would hunt.

    Scour all the web sites and sports news sites for interesting takes on KU Basketball. Select a dozen each day. Write a one or two sentence take on why the story or feed is worth a look.

  • Any reason you couldn’t do it as a weekly post in this forum?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I could easily post it on here as well. Which topic tho?

  • I’m a podcast listener and have often thought that it’d be fun to do a podcast, possibly on the Jayhawks.

    My problem is I have no expertise, and the competition is really good from other Jayhawk podcasts. We would have little access to interviewing influential guests like current players or even the coach, and well, it’s just overwhelming.

    Blogging however is simple, I’ve blogged sporadically for years (citeachery.wordpress.com), but I’ve not figured out how to entice lots of eyeballs.

    To do a decent KUBuckets blog, we’d need an editor, someone with the cajones to nix a submission, or ask someone to tweek it, shorten it, lengthen it, etc. That process itself might cost us people who submit a blog and it gets nixed and they get their feelings hurt. Good ideas however!

  • @wissox you could edit it for him.👨🏻🏫

  • So would you create content (podcasts, blogs, video) or just maintain a location for presenting those created by others/media, etc.? I like the idea of podcasts because I love to listen to that stuff while I work in the yard and such. Jayhawk podcasts especially. In my opinion, a good podcast doesn’t have to be professionally produced, polished, or have high profile guests, it just needs to be somewhat entertaining and informative. By the way, is anyone going to Italy?? I was trying to make it but it’s just not coming together for me. We could use some serious commentary from anyone going over there. We have basically a brand new team (even DG will be mostly playing a different role). This would be a perfect time to kick off some amateur podcasts!!

  • @kjayhawks

    The main topics would be weakly Jayhawk blog and then you post whatever you have for the week including links.

    If I remember correctly, at one time a number of headers with links were posted at the top but they eventually went away.

    I would love to see a weekly post that goes over all the event of the week and posts links that would be of interest to Jayhawk fans.

  • @kjayhawks would love to see / listen to what you come up with. Like others here, I’m a big fan of podcasts and for me that seems to be the thing that adds the most to what is currently available.

  • sounds like a good idea to me. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @SlickRockJayhawk I am leaning towards a live you tube podcast on a private page, thinking a once a week show maybe 2 to cover both the b12 and KU.

  • Im all for this and I would be willing to help with the technical stuff if need be.

  • @JayHawkFanToo @approxinfinity @jayballer54 @HawkChamp @Crimsonorblue22 @wissox Okay I think I’m ready to start this thing here in a few weeks or so with my B12 football preview, was thinking I would start a youtube channel and maybe a twitter account as well. The twitter account I would share my podcast and jayhawk news I can find on the web and a written review of games the day after. Names?? I was thinking of something along the lines of Hawksports365. I don’t believe that name would get me in trouble with the university.

  • My computer has currently been down for a few weeks so thats why I haven’t been able to make any progress on rolling out this.

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