Fan Favorite of the Bill Self era

  • Forgot to post on this earlier, made a top 5 list of fan favorites during Bill Self’s tenure. See them here Here’s my list:

    1. Frank Mason III, Couldn’t hardly go with anyone else here, a 4 year guy that came from nowhere with little hype to leading us to back to back elite 8s and a NPOY winner.

    2. Thomas Robinson, Never heard of a player going thru more stuff off the court as him, and always played hard. Lead his team to a National runner up finish, broke the hearts of Fizzou fans everywhere by nailing 2 late fts and rejecting little Phil Pressey at rim in the last meeting of the border war to force OT.

    3. Jamari Traylor, I know some people on here disliked him and hI’ll say he never grew into the player I thought he could be after several games that he showed signs of what he could’ve become. But man I never question his hustle and he had some of the best hustle plays I’ve seen.

    4. Mario Chalmers, Hit the biggest shot in KU history, National Champion, KUs career leader in steals and always had a smile on his face.

    5. Perry Ellis, Home grown kid that started 3 years. Perry was consistent as could be for the most part and is one of the best stretch 4s we have had in a long time. Think hos career would’ve ended on a higher note if had played along side of someone that was a scoring threat.

    Hard to narrow it down to these guys with how much I care about most of our current and former guys. Who do ya’ll got?

  • 1 Mario Chalmers Steal machine. Would destroy the other teams will to play with a 💩 eating grin on his face.

    2 Frank Mason NPOY The standard for toughness at KU.

    3 Thomas Robinson Carried KU to a title game. We all felt for him during his losses.

    4 Darnell Jackson Gotta love his toughness and hustle.

    5 Wayne Simien Only player other than Mason to avg 20 points under Self. Automatic at the free throw line. Best scoring most polished big Self has ever had.

  • Mario will probably always be #1 but Mason and T-Rob are 1.a and 1.b

  • 1 Mason

    2 T-Rob

    3 Withey

    4 Mario

    5 Kevin Young

  • One year guys:

    1. Ben McLemore

    2. Joel Embiid

    3. Tarik Black

    4. Josh Jackson

    5. Wiggins

  • Here’s my deal with Mario, love the kid and always will for his defense and his game but I honestly don"t think he is on my list with out hitting the 3 against Memphis. Which is a big shot and a big moment but that’s why he’s number 4 on my list. Mason is number 1 on my list even if hadn’t have won POY. Trob would be in the top 3 regardless of the outcome of his junior year. I’d say if that shot goes to someone else or we don’t need it to win some like Sherron or Reed ends up on my list instead of him, not to take away anything from that huge shot. Just saying that one play elevated his status and rightfully so.

  • @kjayhawks He was my wife and my’s favorite player from game one. Embiid could’ve supplanted him for me if he was a 3 year player though. I just loved Mario’s we can’t possibly lose attitude.

  • Banned


    I just love that you put KY in there. Man that kid was one of my favs by far. How many times did it seem KU was getting pushed around and KY would do something to rally the troops?

  • I wonder how different Coach Self’s list would be? He would probably be modest and say he loves them all equally like my mom would do with me and my siblings but “put a gun to his head” who would he choose?

  • I always like Collins and he is still active in the KU community. Not only does he show up to all of the camps and events but he sends talent to KU too. This year alone he has encouraged two PG’s to commit to KU.

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