Big Nick Collison to retire after this year.

  • What an incredible run. Please come back to KU and be the Big Man coach.

    Nick has signed his last contract.


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  • @wrwlumpy nick or Cole would be great!

  • Son of a coach. Carved out a nice career. It’d be nice to see him around Larryville more.

  • One of my favorites. Just an amazing player.

  • Not just a great college and pro player but a class individual as well. I would love for him to join the KU program as an assistant coach; he has mentored many players in recent years so he has a head start. It would not surprise me if he ends up as an assistant in the NBA.

  • Could Nick be the successor to Bill Self? When we had that discussion, I don’t recall Nick even in the conversation.

    (Agree that Nick is one of the all-time favorite Jayhawks!)

  • Awesome for him end his career where it started, well sorta lol. Loved Nick when he was here easily one of my all time favorite hawks. I know there will be some nay sayers because he spent most of his time as a role player in the league but anyone who can play at the highest level for 15 years has had a solid career end of story.

  • @bskeet

    In all fairness and to the best of my knowledge I don’t believe Collison has expressed a desire to coach so it is hard to include him in talks about potential coaches. Just sayin’…

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