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  • guys, seeing as how I don’t know how to share things to here from another site, was hoping someone would do it for me and share with others - -it’s pretty damm cool

    Help us throguh the summer dull drums. It’s on You Tube and the title is " Josh Jackson- Phoenix Suns 2017 Hype Mix { HD } Next Big Thing - - pretty cool. Kind of makes me envious, drool, I think even now people are just seeing the tip of Josh’s talent. Oh what I’d give to be able to have a talent of his to stick with KU say for even two years. - - Can you imagine if we had him back next year. This Mix shows some real high lights makes me drool you can just see the athlete - I feel with the open Flow of the NBA - -it’s coming lights out, we saw high lights for sure but I just think when he can really get out turn it loose run all the time some free lance and you know they do free lance in the NBA to a degree anyways OMG All Star written all over him.

    Somebody please transfer the high light so all fellow KU fans can watch our boy. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I think this should work

  • @jayballer54 @Bosthawk That video is a beautiful thing.

    A couple thoughts. @KirkIsMyHinrich posted offensive stats on Josh earlier month over month that made me reminisce, but I think his defense improved as well. While he jumped some passing lanes in non con, it felt like he got locked in in that department later in conference play. He didn’t overcommit unless he had it, and he had it more.

    Watched Fultz and Ball videos afterwards. Still think there is no comparison. Sure those guys might have been able to dominate in their respective leagues (I use that word loosely with Fultz, on a 9-22 team), but the athleticism is just a different level.

    Other thought, I hope Vick has been working on his ball handling and has put on some off season muscle. If he can fill the Jackson / Frank void and take the ball to the hole, it would be a beautiful thing.

  • About 45 seconds in, did that remind anyone else of MJ?

  • @Bosthawk BAM - - -I knew it, I knew there would be someone would would come through for me. I think this is pretty cool. Thank you soooo much, hope everyone enjoys makes the day go a little better. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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