Magic calls Ball the new face of the lakers

  • I spit out my drink laughing when I read this. I’m sorry I don’t mean to harp on the kid but man his dad and Magic are gonna make him the most hated man alive if he doesn’t produce. I personally would’ve drafted him about 20th if I’m being honest.

  • It will be one ugly mug with LaVar photo bombing the picture…😃

  • @kjayhawks It will be orders of magnitude harder for Lonzo to produce compared to every other top 5 draft pick. Every single vet player out on the court, bench, role player or starter, they are all going to be focused on that kids head and trying to take it off. I cant wait to see him get his ass knocked into the stands by a hard set screen. Cannot wait!

  • Banned

    I’m thinking the Ball family is in for a rude awakening. Not surprised though that the Lakers rolled the dice. That organization is in shambles. However LeBron may be in the mix? Love or Hate LeBron he’s a game changer. I guess the question would be who does LeBron get to come with him? It appears the Knicks are tired of Carmello? A maybe? Actually think Carmello would benefit from playing with LeBron. Yet there has to be a third piece? That’s how LeBron works.

  • @kjayhawks I just read that article. Magic seems far more competent to run the Lakers compared to what Jackson is doing to that poor Knicks team. I really think Magic is just bringing hype and notoriety back to LA. He wants to attract max players. Regardless of weather Ball pans out or not he is making room for big name guys to come to LA next year.

  • @DoubleDD Exactly

  • @Lulufulu It’s crazy how bad of a job Phil is doing and how he is still there is baffling. I personally like the Russell trade and sounds like they’ll let the most talked about guy that sucks in Nick Young go in to free agency. but if im running that show I’m drafting JJ second overall, he is the best overall player in the draft, next I sign CP3 in the free agency and draft another PG like BIFM to learn from him. Then sign undrafted Koenig from Wisconsin as a SG and a trade or sign a veteran SG. Think of a CP3, JJ, Ingram, Randle and Lopez line. I think with the right bench and which SG you could sign that could be a playoff team right away.

  • @DoubleDD

    I am pretty sure Wade will be available.

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