Storm a brewing...

  • @globaljaybird @Crimsonorblue22 Looks like we’ll be getting some serious rain the next several days with that tropical depression coming in. We’ll be east of the path but that’s the side that usually gets the most rain. No flooding concern here unless Nawlin’s goes completely underwater.

  • @brooksmd That’s the last thing we need. I think Bull Shoals is still 30 ft high from the rain in March. Get the boat 🚣 ready.

  • We got hit with a decent rain last night. Went out to dinner at a nice place and the rain soaked through the ceiling tiles of the restaurant, caused one to break in half, fall down, and knock a big suspended lamp down, a foot or two from hitting our waitress as she was making her rounds, then shattered all over the floor.

    You guys be safe!

  • @brooksmd Did I show you my “grab it & run like hell” list when you were here? Small legal pad w/abt 15-20 to dos on the way out the door. Guns, laptops, jewelry, imp papers, Rascal!!! Oh almost forgot wifey … also was a damn tornado month ago 3 mi from the house at 1:30 in the morning. Damaged roofs of several hotels. No 🚨 sirens but phone alert & weather radio got me up. Memorial weekend we got 5 inches rain in ONE HOUR. Lake Taneycomo rose over 4 feet in that hour. That’s Biblical type stuff-almost unheard of. Finally found one of these that drowned 23 miles away a week later. Rainfall is serious shit in these mountains.

  • Come visit SW Kansas no threat of rain for a least a week. 100 and sunny most of the week. Low humidity, off and on high winds. It’d be a change…

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