This ought to make Bruce Weber happy

  • The coach’s box will extend by 10 feet!

    They’re also making a change to when instant replay can be used, but what they SHOULD be saying is that replay can’t last any longer than 60 seconds. If they can’t figure it out by then, the call on the floor stands.

    Drawing charges: A defensive player should be required to make a defensive play (not just moving to a spot and standing there) to be able to draw a foul.

    Legal screen: Screener’s feet must not be wider than his shoulders. I like it!

    I still think a team should be able to accept or decline penalties (free throws) in the last 1:30 of the game. If the team declines, they get to take the ball out at the spot of the foul with a 10-second runoff. Or they take it out in the backcourt while the other team can’t cross halfcourt (until the ball crosses). Would have kept us from winning the '08 title and the West Virginia game, but also would’ve gotten us to the Final Four against Michigan. And who knows what else I’m forgetting.

  • @chriz Heck, if Doke sets a screen and should splay his feet, his toes would probably extend at least six inches beyond his shoulders! But on second thought, if that were true, his feet would probably have to grow another few inches…to size 26.

  • @REHawk Man if he stays healthy…goodness. What a beast.

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