KU's Non-Conference Schedule released

  • Not the most Challenging schedule. Some good mid-majors, some big named teams that are not on KU’s level. Obviously Kentucky is the biggest one of them all.

    Oct-31- Pittsburg St (Exhibition)

    Nov 7- Fort Hayes St (Exhibition)

    Nov-10 Tennessee St (Home)

    • Last year 17-13, both leading scorer’s gone. Will be a nice opener

    Nov 14- Kentucky (Champions Classic)

    • We’ll see if experience again trumps freshman

    Nov 17- South Dakota St (Home)

    • The best mid-major player in the country Mike Daum will come to Allen Fieldhouse. Daum averaged 25 points a game as a Soph and is a lethal big man from the 3 point land. SDS lost to Gonzaga in 1st round of the Tournament last year. 6 other rotation players return as well. This will be a bit of a trap game after playing Kentucky.

    Nov 21- Texas Southern (Home)

    • Lost to UNC in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament last yr. Another solid mid-major team coming to Allen Fieldhouse. Will not be the easiest game.

    Nov 24- Oakland (Home)

    • 25-9 last season for one of the best mid-major coaches in the land. 2 former Big-12 players are in their rotation (Martez Walker formely of Texas and their leading scorer) and Stevie Clark (Oklahoma St) who was kicked off the team. Not likely to be a pushover game.

    Nov 28- Toledo (Home)

    • 17-17 last season. Likely to be one of the 2 easiest non-conference games we play.

    Dec 2- Syracuse (Neutral, played in Miami)

    • Syracuse headed for a terrible season. KU should pound them in this game.

    Dec 6- Washington (Sprint Center)

    • Washington Will be lucky to win 10 games. This will be a rout.

    Dec 10- Arizona St (Home)

    • I wonder if Bragg will travel to sit on the bench in Allen. Cunliffe I think has to sit this one out as well. They have 3 senior backcourt players, a Top 50 wing and little post depth. Should not be a tough game.

    Dec 16- Nebraska (Away)

    • Nebraska will again be a bottom dweller of the Big-10. Always good to get a few away games in.

    Dec18- Omaha (Home)

    • Should be the easiest home game of the season.

    Dec 21- Stanford (Away, Neutral court in Sacremento)

    • Reid Travis will try and go for 30 again. Stanford should be marginally better because most of the team returns and a few hightly touted freshman join the frey.

    Jan 27- Texas A&M (Home)

    • The annual Big-12/SEC Challenge game. Tyler Davis goes for career game after wanting KU in his recruitment. Williams will be the most electrifying player on the court after snubbing the draft and a lottery pick to return to college. Should be a good game.

  • Not a whole bunch of SOS enhancers there but also not a whole bunch of SOS killers either, so it’s kind of an OK game. 7 power conference games means something to look forward to. I would quibble with calling Texas Southern a mid major however! I live 10 miles from a SWAC school and it’s pitiful. Attendance gets beat by local high schools regularly, the basketball sucks too. But good summary of the schedule!

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